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Language Arts
Reference Macmillan First Dictionary (July 2008) (Designed for Beginning Readers Ages 5-8) [5,000 words/1,400 pictures/Full-sentence definitions with kid-friendly language/example sentences show word in context]
Semantic RHYMING Dictionary
Library Spot - Major site
Journalist's Guide - Finding statistics on the internet
The First Hypertext Edition of The Dictionary of Phrase and Fable
BIBLIOMANIA: THE NETWORK LIBRARY -Leave Your Book at School ? 40 Downloadable Classics: Charles Dickens , Mark Twain, Joseph Conrad, Oscar Wilde , Leo Tolstoy, Thomas Hardy, Louisa M. Alcott , Jane Austen, Rudyard Kipling , D.H. Lawrence, James Joyce, The Brontë Sisters, Herman Melville, and many more.
Charles Dickens: England's Most Captivating Storyteller (2011) - Celebrate the bicentenary of Dickens’s birth in 2012 by stepping into his world. See the world of Charles Dickens spring to life in his fascinating notebook. Excerpts from his personal letters, guides to his major works, and enthralling facts about his life and times—including Dickens’s own amazing rags-to-riches story—are accompanied by fascinating new illustrations, drawings from the original books, and photographs from the period. This novelty-? lled notebook immerses readers in Victorian life and allows them to meet not only Dickens himself, but also such enduring and iconic characters as Oliver Twist, Ebenezer Scrooge, and David Copperfield? (Ages 8-12)
Charles Dickens and the Street Children of London by Andrea Warren [Provoked by the horrors he saw every day, Charles Dickens wrote novels that were originally intended as instruments for social change — to save his country’s children. Charles Dickens is best known for his contributions to the world of literature, but during his young life, Dickens witnessed terrible things that stayed with him: families starving in doorways, babies being “dropped” on streets by mothers too poor to care for them, and a stunning lack of compassion from the upper class. After his family went into debt and he found himself working at a shoe-polish factory, Dickens soon realized that the members of the lower class were no different than he, and, even worse, they were given no chance to better themselves. It was then that he decided to use his greatest talent, his writing ability, to tell the stories of those who had no voice.] (2011) (Ages 12+)
Internet Public Library
The BookWire Index
Project Bartleby - Poetry
Great Writers - Nobel Prize Winners - Authors
Yahooligans - Children's Authors
ALA - Literature and Language Sites for Children. Links to book awards, authors, illustrators, classics and favorite children's stories.
Concordances of Great Books and Fully Searchable Word Indexes

AUTHORS - NYU - Extensive Resource



Ernest Hemingway: A Writer's Life by Catherine Reef (2009) [An introduction to the life and work of one of the most significant and notorious American writers of the 20th century. Here, in the only biography available to young people, Catherine Reef introduces readers to Hemingway's work, with a focus on his themes and writing styles and his place in the history of American fiction, and examines writers who influenced him and those he later influenced.] (Ages 10 and up)

Early Colonial Literature. 1607-1700
The Eighteenth Century
The Beginning Of The Nineteenth Century
Philosophy And Romance
The New England Poets
General Literary Development
Recent Years
CHILDREN'S LITERATURE WEB GUIDE -Story Collections , Folklore, Songs, Poetry, Children's Classics and more.

National Center for Children's Illustrated Literature - The NCCIL provides recognition of the artistic achievements of illustrators and gallery exhibition of their works. Additionally, the NCCIL designs educational and entertaining programming that relates to illustrations in children's literature in order to stimulate creativity, promote literacy and to increase appreciation for art.

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

Recommended books:

William Shakespeare: His Life and Times by Ari Berk, Kristen McDermott, Kristen McDermott, Jonathan Lambert (Illustrator), Ian Andrew (Illustrator). [A lavish, interactive introduction to the great poet’s life, his work and the times he lived in. In this enthralling scrapbook that William Shakespeare compiled for his daughter, he looks back on his life as he retires from the theatre. Discover late-sixteenth- and early-seventeenth centurystories of love, war, kings and queens, fellow playwrights and actors, explorers and life in London. (Ages 9-12) (2010)

SHAKESPEARE FOR KIDS: HIS LIFE AND TIMES. Illustrated biography and activity book filled with photographs, documents, illustrations, art, and movie stills.

SHAKESPEARE: TO TEACH OR NOT TO TEACH, Teaching Shakespeare Made Fun - includes a discussion of the value of Shakespeare's legacy, what life was like in the Middle Ages, and warm-up activities

SHAKESPEARE: HIS WORK AND HIS WORLD ["In exceptionally fresh and vivid terms, the author plies readers with abundant, accurate information on the playwright, his theater, and the plays, looking closely at A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, ROMEO AND JULIET, MACBETH, KING LEAR, and THE TEMPEST. . . . This volume justly serves its spectacular subject." -- SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL (starred review)] Ages 12-15

SHAKESPEARE'S VERSE - A Selection by Gina Pollinger - Ages 9-12
Sparkling selection of verse from the plays and poetry of William Shakespeare's words of wit, wisdom, magic, and merriment dance across the pages of this unique anthology. The ideal introduction to the richness of Shakespeare's verse, this sumptuously illustated collection is sure to be revisited time and time again.

THE BEST-LOVED PLAYS OF SHAKESPEARE: Stories, Characters and Quotations From Shakespeare's Most Famous Plays [Presents a plot synopsis, character sketches, and quotations from each of ten plays, plus a brief biography of William Shakespeare]

THE MERCHANT OF VENICE, a graphic novel by Gareth Hinds (Candlewick 2008) [With elegant, contemporary artwork and a faithful but succinct adaptation, this graphic novel casts a classic drama in a provocative new light.]

English Literature on the Web - to include:
British Authors
E-text Archives
Medieval (& Anglo-Saxon)
17th Century (& Renaissance)
18th Century (& Restoration)
19th Century (Romantics & Victorian)
20th Century
19th Century British and Irish Authors

INTERNET CLASSICS ARCHIVE - Select from a list of 441 works of classical literature by 59 different authors, including user-driven commentary and "reader's choice" Web sites. Mainly Greco-Roman works (some Chinese and Persian), all in English translation.

Electronic Texts ONLINE BOOKS PAGE - Links to over 20,000 literary works. Search Engine, List of Authors or Titles Alphabetically. Incredible Resource.

Electronic Literature Foundation - Advanced electronic texts:The Plays of Shakespeare,The Arabian Nights,The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, Dante's Divine Comedy, Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, the novels of Jane Austen. Excellent.

Online Literary Criticism Collection Collection (IPL)contains 1529 critical and biographical websites about authors and their works.

ALEX: A Catalog of Electronic Texts on the Internet

Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales and Stories

A CELEBRATION OF WOMEN WRITERS by Author, Century, Country.

Contemporary Writing for Children and Young Adults - old and new

Malaspina University Great Books Home Page - A most extensive and valuable resource. Broken down into: Science, Art, Theatre, Books, Music, Film; and then by period.

PROJECT GUTENBERG - Online Texts - from downloading a dictionary to the Declaration of Independence; "Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin" to "A Princess of Mars." Excellent site.

Grammar Grammar Rock - Put it to music and they will learn. Tunes and poetic expression to reinforce the parts of speech: "Unpack Your Adjectives," "Busy Prepositions," "The Tale of Mr. Morton" (the subject) and what the Predicate does. Excellent.

Grammar Gorilla - Basic and Advanced Grammar Skills. Play games to find the correct part of speech...wrong answer corrected with an explanation. Excellent.

Grammar: A Review of the Eight Parts of Speech - Lesson Plan appropriate for Gr. 7.

What's an Adjective? -Gr. 5-12 This activity gives students the opportunity to think creatively and work in small groups. It provides constructive out of seat activity and builds student's knowledge of adjectives or descriptive words and their use in creative writing.

Grammar Poems - Using Poetry to Teach and identify the Subordinate Clause (can be applied to other parts of speech).

KABOOM! is a games designed to allow students practice with
identifying the four types of sentences: interrogative, declarative, imperative, and exclamatory.

High Rollers is an activity designed to give students practice with necessary English or grammar skills. The directions given are for practicing sentence types. High Rollers is a simple idea that can easily be adapted to meet the needs of any grade level or ability

Grammar Worksheets (Online)
Check out all the worksheets at English-Zone

Rules for Comma Usage - Click on a comma in sample paragraph for each rule of useage.
Using Commas and Semi-Colons Correctly - College Level

Writing Handouts - Haven't got a clue how to use a comma? Need help with transitions? Want to learn how to use a semi-colon correctly? Don't know how to catch fragments and run-ons? Check out theses links.

Sentence Rummy makes a game out of writing complete sentences.


ONLINE English Grammar

ELEMENTS OF STYLE - Elementary Rules Of Usage, Elementary Principles Of Composition, etc.

Exploring English - parts of speech, sentences, style guidelines, usage, punctuation, spelling AND the Anatomy of English Sentences. Excellent.

Common Errors in English - Use and Abuse such as: Who/Whom, There/They're/Their. Additional tool: Split Infinitives, Between vs. Among and so much more.

I Before E (Except after C): Old-School Ways to Remember Stuff by Judy Parkinson - These ingenious, practical memory techniques abound with hundreds of curious sayings. In this clever -- and often hilarious -- collection, you'll find engaging mnemonics, arranged in easy-to-find categories.

My Grammar and I Or Should It Be Me?: Old School Ways to Improve Your English by Caroline Taggart and J. A. Wines - Sharpen your language skills and navigate your way around grammatical minefields with this entertaining and practical guide. For anyone who has ever been stumped by dangling modifiers and split infinitives, or for those who have no idea what these things even are. A practical and humorous guidance on how to avoid falling into language pitfalls. Here are all the right tools to help you gain confidence as a speaker and writer, highlighting the most common language errors, such as wrongly used prepositions, misplaced modifiers, and confusing participles.
An Apple a Day: Old-Fashioned Proverbs—Timeless Words to Live By [Read through from start to finish or search through the list of hundreds of the most common proverbs, arranged from A to Z for easy reference. You'll learn about each proverb's surprising origins, why some are valid and others are not, the derivation and meanings behind them, and their relevance in today's society. Includes entries like: Two heads are better than one: Like the less-familiar "Four eyes see better than two" Laughter is the best medicine, etc.]

Schoolwork UGH! - Grammar and ESL

Vocabulary Vocabulary University® - Exercises that help to prepare for SSAT®, PSAT®, GED®, SAT® and ACT® tests. They supplement personal vocabulary acquisition and are used in home-schooling and ESL programs. Levels vary. Lesson Plans for Teachers. This is a new slant on learning on learning vocabulary.

Colorful Parts of Speech - color coding parts of speech for recognition.

WORD OF THE DAY - Have a new word with defintion and use emailed to you each day.

Vocabulary University's Quick Lesson Plans

Einstein Club - Vocabulary Acitivty for Grade 6

Writing ELEMENTS OF STYLE - Elementary Rules Of Usage And Elementary Principles Of Composition.

HOW TO WRITE A REPORT - Basic guideline for students.

Guide for Writing Research Papers based on MLA Documentation

WAYS TO USE BOOKS IN CLASSROOMS - Ways to Tell About Books - Alternatives to Book Reports.

AUTHOR'S TEA - Language Arts theme K-1, Remedial 8-12 - Unit to enable students to: Become authors and illustrators by writing and publishing a story on the Internet. Identify various genres and their characteristics through reading and responding to different stories. Write in clear and coherent sentences. Write a story that contains a beginning, middle and endin

Language English Second Language

Learn & Teach English As a Foreign Language

Language Arts, Lesson Plans, Ideas

Language Arts Lesson Plans (other curriculum as well)- Extensive and for all grade levels.

Newbery Medal Winners Translated into Spanish

Center for the Study of Books in Spanish for Children and Adolescents

America Reads Challenge

LEARN - a partnership of the following organizations: Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory (NWREL), Southern Regional Council (SRC), Bank Street College of Education (BSC). We provide training and technical assistance to America Reads and other Corporation for National Service projects focused on literacy and education.

TEACHERS HELPING TEACHERS - Language Arts - 10 Lesson Plans
Cyber Guides - Supplementary, web-based units of instruction centered on core works of literature, designed for classrooms with one online computers.

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