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Women in History
Black History

SERIES BOOKS: Dear America, Royal Diaries, My Name is America
8+ The Slightly Odd United States of America [offbeat, coast-to-coast oddity odyssey. A celebration of all the truly interesting information usually overlooked in text books. The book includes maps, goofy games, quizzes and puzzles (and little known facts about the USA.)
8-12 Kingfisher STUDENT ATLAS OF NORTH AMERICA - The Kingfisher Student Atlas of North America is an unbeatable way to discover the people, geography, landscape, industry, and agriculture of this diverse continent. The reference includes all of the fifty states and each province and territory of Canada, as well as the states of Mexico and the countries of the Caribbean and Central America. Superbly detailed relief maps are complemented by fact boxes of important statistics and pertinent information, plus illustrations of national and state flags, flora and fauna, and notable events from history.
National Geographic Beginners World Atlas Updated Edition (Revised 2005)
National Geographic World Atlas for Young Explorers Third Edition (Revised 2007) [Interactive! The 3rd edition is chockfull of bright, bold icons that, thanks to a specially designed National Geographic web site, will allow kids to go beyond the printed page and experience firsthand the sights, sounds, and movements of the world's people, places, and animals. They'll watch brown bears fish for salmon in Alaska, listen to the latest singing sensation from Haiti, experience the power of a volcanic eruption, explore a rain forest, hang out at a local market in India, and much more. Latest place-name and boundary changes. Economic symbols on regional maps. All maps are shown in the context of surrounding areas to ensure that a complete picture of the world develops.]
8 Up Our White House: Looking In, Looking Out More than one hundred leading authors and illustrators donate their talents in a creative collection of essays, personal accounts, historical fiction, and poetry with an equally stunning array of original art to offer a multifaceted look at America's history through the prism of the White House. Starting with a 1792 call for designers to plan a presidential mansion and continuing through the present day, OUR WHITE HOUSE takes in everything from the amusing antics of presidents' children and pets to the drama of the White House ablaze and the specter of war; from the role of immigrants, African Americans, and Native Americans to the thoughts and actions of many presidents themselves. (Conceived and co-created by the National Children's Book and Literary Alliance/Candlewick Press/September 2008)
Adult Adams, Noah The Flyers: In Search of Wilbur & Orville Wright
Adams, Simon World War II [photos and information from rise of Nazi party through Hiroshima and the aftermath]
Alexander the Great: The Boy Soldier Who Conquered the World (National Geographic)
Elizabeth I: The Outcast Who Became England's Queen (National Geographic)
The Kingfisher Atlas of World History: A pictorial guide to the world's people and Events, 10000BCE-present [covers all major human civilizations, from the ancient world to modern times, and examines the core curriculum themes of religion, exploration, colonization, industry, technology, war and diplomatic relations.]
9-12 Adkins, Jan What If You Met a Knight? - A real knight had real work to do, lots of mouths to feed, and trouble could ride over the hill at any moment. Castles were dark, armor was uncomfortable, and jousts and tournaments (not to mention real battles) were dangerous—and expensive.
Adler, David [Teacher Resource] Heroes of the Revolution [American Revolution] - Ages 7-9
A Picture Book of Lewis and Clark [Resources] - Ages 7-9
A Picture Book of Sojourner Truth [Link to Bio]
Benjamin Franklin--Printer, Inventor, Statesman (A First Biography) [Link to Autobiography]
A Picture Book of Anne Frank [Link to Anne Frank site]
A Picture Book of Eleanor Roosevelt
A Picture Book of Helen Keller (A First Biography) [Link to Ann Sullivan Macy and Helen Keller]
A Picture Book of Rosa Parks (A First Biography)
A Picture Book of Florence Nightingale [Florence Nightingale Museum]
Lou Gehrig: The Luckiest Man Ages 6-9 [The Iron Horse]
A Picture Book of Thomas Alva Edison [Teacher's Resources]
President George Washington [his life] [Reading Level 2]
A Picture Book Of Samuel Adams (Ages 6-9)
Joe Louis: America's Fighter
A Picture Book of Dolley and James Madison [Known as the Father of the Constitution, James Madison served two terms as the fourth president, from 1809 until 1817. Determined that all Americans be treated fairly, he devised our three branches of government and drafted the Bill of Rights. When the British set fire to Washington D.C. in 1814, his wife Dolley saved one of our country's greatest treasures, a portrait of George Washington by Gilbert Stuart which now hangs in the Smithsonian Institution, before fleeing for her life.] (Ages 7-10)
Honest Abe Lincoln: Easy-to-Read Stories About Abraham Lincoln (RL2)
10 up Allen, Thomas B. Remember Valley Forge: Patriots, Tories, and Spies Tell Their Stories [The ultimate survival story. Travel the trail of defeat that leads Washington's ragtag army to seek winter refuge at Valley Forge. Read from a teenage soldier's diary and a doctor's gruesome accounts of disease, hunger, and cold. Learn of plots against Washington and spies who aid the enemy. Discover why farmers sell the British food as the Continental Army starves and a powerless Congress looks on. Learn the true story behind the amazing achievements of the "winter soldiers." A time line, archival images, maps, Web sites, source list, and index make this an excellent research tool for students.]
11 Up Ambrose, Stephen E. The Good Fight: How World War II Was Won
(Narrative, photos, key campaign and battle maps]
8-12 Amis, Nancy The Orphans of Normandy: A True Story of World War II Told Through Drawings by Children
7-10 Ammon, Richard Valley Forge [Continental Army's winter at Valley Forge ... "a saga wrapped in myth and legend,"/chronicles Washington's effective style of leadership, determination, inspiration and genius for organization]
Anderson, Laurie Halse Thank You, Sarah: The Woman Who Saved Thanksgiving [Learn More about Sarah Josepha Buell Hale (1788-1879)] (Ages 6-10)
Independent Dames: What You Never Knew About the Women and Girls of the American Revolution [You've all heard about the great men who led and fought during the American Revolution; but did you know that the guys only make up part of the story? What about the women? The girls? The dames? Didn't they play a part? This Jam-packed book might be overwhelming for some, but won't it be nice to add some new names to those Women in History reports.] (Ages 7-10)
Chains (Seeds of America) [As the Revolutionary War begins, thirteen-year-old Isabel wages her own fight...for freedom. Promised freedom upon the death of their owner, she and her sister, Ruth, in a cruel twist of fate become the property of a malicious New York City couple, the Locktons, who have no sympathy for the American Revolution and even less for Ruth and Isabel. When Isabel meets Curzon, a slave with ties to the Patriots, he encourages her to spy on her owners, who know details of British plans for invasion. She is reluctant at first, but when the unthinkable happens to Ruth, Isabel realizes her loyalty is available to the bidder who can provide her with freedom.] (Ages 11 up)
Forge (Seeds of America)Sequel to Chains [shifts perspective from Isabel to Curzon and brings to the page the tale of what it takes for runaway slaves to forge their own paths in a world of obstacles—and in the midst of the American Revolution.] (Ages 11 up)
YA/A Anderson, M. T. The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, Traitor to the Nation. Volume One: The Pox Party - It sounds like a fairy tale. He is a boy dressed in silks and white wigs and given the finest of classical educations. Raised by a group of rational philosophers known only by numbers, the boy and his mother — a princess in exile from a faraway land — are the only persons in their household assigned names. As the boy's regal mother, Cassiopeia, entertains the house scholars with her beauty and wit, young Octavian begins to question the purpose behind his guardians' fanatical studies. Only after he dares to open a forbidden door does he learn the hideous nature of their experiments — and his own chilling role in them. Set against the disquiet of Revolutionary Boston, M. T. Anderson's extraordinary novel takes place at a time when American Patriots rioted and battled to win liberty while African slaves were entreated to risk their lives for a freedom they would never claim. The first of two parts, this deeply provocative novel reimagines the past as an eerie place that has startling resonance for readers today.
8-12 Appelt, Kathi and Jeanne Cannella Schmitzer Down Cut Shin Creek: The Packhorse Librarians of Kentucky
[Learn about FDR's New Deal and the WPA]
Armstrong, Jennifer A Three-Minute Speech: Lincoln's Remarks at Gettysburg [brief timeline from American Revolution to Civil War/full text of Gettysburg Address/recommended web sites]
Photo by Brady: A Picture of the Civil War [Record of a war -- The Civil War -- in a way that had never been done before: with true-to-life pictures instead of just words.]
The American Story: 100 True Tales from American History - This magnificent treasury tells the story of America through 100 true tales. Some are tales of triumph—the midnight ride of Paul Revere, the Wright brothers taking to the air, Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon. Some are tales of tragedy—the fate of the Donner party, the great fire in Chicago, the eruption of Mt. Saint Helens. There are stories of inventors and athletes, and abolitionists and artists, stories about struggling for freedom—again and again, in so many ways.
Full-color illustrations on nearly every page and short, exciting stories. Notes at the end of each story direct readers to related stories, and a guide to thematic story arcs offers readers (and teachers) an easy way to follow their particular interests throughout the book. This book that belongs in every home, classroom and library.
9 Up Aronson, Marc and John W. Glen The World Made New: Why the Age of Exploration Happened & How it Changed the World (Ages 10 and Up) [provides a detailed account of the charting of the New World and the long-term effects of America's march into history. The text uses primary sources to bring history to life and features evocative profiles of the major explorers of the age. The book is beautifully illustrated with full-color artwork, multiple-time lines, and six custom National Geographic maps. The text and layout combine to provide an enlightening overview of New World exploration, and outline the historical context for the discoveries that literally changed the world.]
9 Up Ash, Russell Great Wonders of the World
4-8 Ashman, Linda Come to the Castle!: A Visit to a Castle in Thirteenth-Century England [Welcome to the 13th-century banquet at the castle of the Earl of Daftwood! Here young readers will meet all of the lords and ladies, the servants and the squires. They will discover surprises: flying silverware and mystery meat made of animal feet for dinner--life in the castle isn't always elegant.]
7-10 Ashby, Ruth The Amazing Mr. Franklin: or The Boy Who Read Everything [from his spirited youth through successful career as inventor and politician to his last years surrrounded by his collection of 4,000 books]
4-8 Atkins, Jeannine Mary Anning and the Sea Dragon [Webquest]
5-8 Aylesworth, Jim Our Abe Lincoln [Beginning with "Babe Abe Lincoln was born in the wilderness" to "Strong Abe Lincoln fell oaks with a mighty ax" to "Great Abe Lincoln died hard for his noble deeds"--here is a perfect book for Lincoln's birthday that tells the story of Lincoln to the very youngest audience. Set to the tune, "The Old Grey Mare," (a popular song during Lincoln's presidential campaigns). Music included. Author's note and recipe for Mary Todd Lincoln's Vanilla Almond Cake included.] Put on your own classroom play] Happy Birthday, Abe.
4-8 Rosemary and Stephen Vincent Benet Johnny Appleseed [Learn more about Johnny Appleseed]
Barasch, Lynne Radio Rescue [learn more about Morse Code]
A Country Schoolhouse [What was school like before the Internet? In 1940, Grandpa's country school had no lunchroom or indoor bathroom and used wood-burning stoves for heat, but it wasn't completely different from today's schools. Was it?
Bartoletti, Susan Campbell Hitler Youth: Growing Up in Hitler's Shadow [explores how Hitler gained the loyalty, trust, and passion of so many of Germany's young people. Her research includes telling interviews with surviving Hitler Youth members.] Highly recommend. (Young Adult)
The Boy Who Dared [When 16-year-old Helmut Hubner listens to the BBC news on an illegal short-wave radio, he quickly discovers Germany is lying to the people. But when he tries to expose the truth with leaflets, he's tried for treason. Sentenced to death and waiting in a jail cell, Helmut's story emerges in a series of flashbacks that show his growth from a naive child caught up in the patriotism of the times , to a sensitive and mature young man who thinks for himself.] [Ages 10-13)
6-9 Barretta, Gene Now & Ben: The Modern Inventions of Benjamin
9-13 Bausum, Ann Our Country's Presidents, Completely Revised and Expanded Edition/2004 Election (National Geographic)(2005)
Our Country's First Ladies - Meet the women who have played the roles of partners, confidantes, hostesses, and activists in the midst of American history. Read of fascinating lives led by the wives (and sometimes daughters, nieces, and friends) of our country's leaders. Ann Bausum introduces us to a private side of each First Lady, and connects each personality with the public persona to produce a book of uniquely revealing portraits. (National Geographic 2007)
Muckrakers: How Ida Tarbell, Upton Sinclair, and Lincoln Steffens Helped Expose Scandal, Inspire Reform, and Invent Investigative Journalism [Ann Bausum's dramatic narrative follows a generation of dedicated journalists who force responsible changes in industry and politics as America thrives. Muckrakers is the inside story of public-spirited journalism right through its evolution, with profiles of latter-day practitioners like Woodward and Bernstein and today's Internet bloggers. Perhaps it will engage and inspire young people to cherish age-old values such as truth and public accountability.
6-10 Bearden, Romare (1911-1988) Li'l Dan, the Drummer Boy: A Civil War Story (Book and CD) [historical/African-American/fiction/abstract expressionism]
9-12 Beatty, Patricia Turn Homeward, Hannalee [Close of Civil War - based on actual events]
6-9+ Beccia, Carlyn I Feel Better with a Frog in My Throat: History's Strangest Cures [It wasn’t too long ago that people tried all sorts of things to help sick people feel better. They tried wild things like drinking a glass full of millipedes or putting some mustard on one's head. Some of the cures worked, and some of them…well, didn't. Take a colorful and funny medical mystery tour to discover that while times may have changed, many of today’s most reliable cure-alls have their roots in some very peculiar practices, and so relevant connections can be drawn from what they did then to what we do now.]
YA Up Benson, Richard Lay This Laurel [Fifty-Fourth Union Army Regiment, made up of African-American volunteer soldiers.
9-12 Biesty, Stephen Amazing Pop-Up 3-D Time Scape [The first 10 billion years]
Stephen Biesty's Incredible Everything by Richard Platt (Author)
Stephen Biesty's Incredible Explosions by Richard Platt (Author)
Stephen Biesty's Incredible Pop-Up Cross Sections by Richard Platt (Author) - Ages 4-8
Stephen Biesty's Cross-Sections Castle by Richard Platt (Author)
Stephen Biesty's Cross Sections Man-of-War by Richard Platt (Author)
Rome: In Spectacular Cross Section by Andrew Solway (Author), Stephen Biesty (Illustrator) April 2003
6-8 Bildner, Phil Twenty-One Elephants [Brooklyn Bridge/P. T. Barnum/historical fiction]
10 Up

12 Up

Blumberg, Rhoda SHIPWRECKED! The True Adventures of a Japanese Boy
[Chronology, whaling in America and related links]
Commodore Perry in the Land of the Shogun [Newbery Honor]
York's Adventures with Lewis and Clark: An African-American's Part in the Great Expedition
13 Up
11 Up
Blumenthal, Karen Six Days in October: The Stock Market Crash of 1929: A Wall Street Journal Book for Children
Let Me Play: The Story of Title IX: The Law That Changed the Future of Girls in America [Title IX, Education Amendments of 1972]
9 Up Bockenhauer,Mark H. and Stephen F Cunha Our Fifty States [National Geographic] [collection of illustrations, maps, and essays about each state and region of the United States. Written by two geographers.]
9 Up Borbrick, Benson Fight for Freedom: The American Revolutionary War [Chronicle of American Revolution/anecdotes from soldiers and civilians/profiles/period oil paintings/political cartoons/key campaign and battle maps] Thorough and moving.
Testament: A Soldier's Story of the Civil War [Based on the letters of the author's great-grandfather]
Borden, Louise A. Lincoln and Me
Touching the Sky: The Flying Adventures of Wilbur and Orville Wright
Sea Clocks: The Story of Longitude [ John Harrison (1693-1776)]
The Greatest Skating Race: A WWII Story from the Netherlands [two children escape to Belgium by ice skating past German soldiers and other enemies.]
His Name Was Raoul Wallenberg [Introduction to Wallenberg, a Swedish humanitarian who worked in Budapest during World War II to rescue Jews from the Holocaust.] Ages 12 and up.
Adult Bourne, Russell Invention in America: With Images from The Library of Congress
Americans on the Move: A History of Waterways, Railways, and Highways - With Illustrations from the Library of Congress
12 Up
Bradley, James Flags of Our Fathers
Flags of Our Fathers: Heroes of Iwo Jima [Abridged]
[Oral History- Iwo Jima Flag Raising on Mount Suribachi]
12+ Bragg, Georgia [Interview 2011] How They Croaked: The Awful Ends of the Awfully Famous [Over the course of history men and women have lived and died. In fact, getting sick and dying can be a big, ugly mess-especially before the modern medical care that we all enjoy today. How They Croaked relays all the gory details of how nineteen world figures gave up the ghost. For example: It is believed that Henry VIII's remains exploded within his coffin while lying in state. Doctors "treated" George Washington by draining almost 80 ounces of blood before he finally kicked the bucket. Right before Beethoven wrote his last notes, doctors drilled a hole in his stomach without any pain medication. Readers will be interested well past the final curtain, and feel lucky to live in a world with painkillers, X-rays, soap, and 911.]
8-14 Brewster, Hugh and Laurie Coulter To Be a Princess: The Fascinating Lives of Real Princesses [Spans five centuries of royal lives, including time lines, artwork reproduced from museum collection and bibliography.]
9-13 Bridges, Shirin Yim The Thinking Girl's Treasury of Real Princesses
Artemisia of Caria [Thousands of years ago, in the world of the Ancient Greeks where women were expected to obey their husbands in all matters, to play no part in public life, and to stay inside the house, a princess grew up to be not only a sailor and a ship's captain, but a famous admiral.]
Isabella of Castile [In a twist on the classic fairy tale, a princess in 15th century Spain refused to wait to be rescued by a prince but instead chose one for herself. Even then, she would not marry him until they'd reached an agreement that was revolutionary for her time. The partnership she made was a happy and successful one. Her name was Isabella, and without her, both Spain and America would not exist as we know them.]
Nur Jahan of India [From the deepest heart of the Moghul palace, tucked away in purdah, one princess came to rule nearly all of India. She introduced efficiencies, encouraged trade, and made possible a great flowering of the arts. What gave her this power was love. This is a love story.]
Hatshepsut of Egypt [When explorers first chipped a hole through a wall and shined a light into Tutankhamun's tomb, everything it touched glinted with gold and gleamed with silver. The boy-king so surrounded by this treasure would become one of the most famous names in history. But it was a less-famous princess who had accumulated a lot of the wealth that was buried in that tomb. Her name was Hatshepsut. How did she make Egypt so rich? And how did she come to be buried, like Tutankhamun, in the Valley of the Kings?]
Sorghaghtani of Mongolia [On the wind-swept steppes of Mongolia in the 13th century, a princess was given the chance to rule. She took lands that had been ruined by war and made them wealthy again, brought mutual respect and cooperation to a down-trodden and distrustful people, and in a battle of wits that was like a giant chess game, won for her sons the imperial throne.]
Qutlugh Terkan Khatun of Kirman [In what could be a tale from the Arabian Nights, a girl grows up in thirteenth-century Persia to be so desirable that she is kidnapped several times for her beauty. She at last finds refuge in the arms of a prince, who marries her and makes her a princess. With him she rules a nation and is so wise and just that, on his death, the people ask her to continue as their sovereign.]
8 Up Bridgman, Roger 1,000 Inventions & Discoveries in association with the Smithsonian Institution
5-8 Brown, Craig Mule Train Mail [Mule Train Mail introduces readers to Anthony Paya, who wears a cowboy hat, chaps, and spurs, and leads a train of mules on a daily three-hour trek down into the Grand Canyon to bring mail to the townspeople of Supai.]
Brown, Don Kid Blink Beats the World [In the summer of 1899, the hundreds of newsboys who sold Randolph Hearst's Journal and Pulitzer's World on the streets of New York and surrounding cities went on strike. The issue was a penny-the extra penny that the press owners wanted to charge the newsboys to buy the papers.] Ages 7-11
Mack Made Movies [In 1900, Mack Sennett was a horse's rear end. In 1909 he was producing slapstick comedies/"King of Comedy"/ history of early moviemaking in America] Ages 7-10
The Train Jumper [Ed "Collie" Collier is desperate to keep his small family intact. He leaves home in search of his older brother, who has run off. Collie jumps a freight train, joining thousands and thousands of young boys and men who try riding out the Great Depression by riding the rails.] Ages 9-12
Let It Begin Here!: April 19, 1775: The Day the American Revolution Began [ONE DAY THAT CHANGED A NATION A nonfiction master brings the start of the American Revolution to life. A 26-year-old King George II found himself in financial turmoil after crushing the French, Austrians, and Spanish in battle. Luckily money was no object since he could easily get it back by raising taxes on his American colonies...but what King George didn't realize was the colonies were beginning to have a mind of their own and had started to set their sights on freedom. The cast of characters includes those we know--the famous silversmith, turned messenger, Paul Revere--and many we haven't heard of like "Flinty Whittemore," a 78-year-old who fought off the British with a musket, two pistols, a sword, was bayoneted 14 times and still lived another 18 years to brag about it. Detailed. Fascinating.] Ages 7-10
All Stations! Distress!: April 15, 1912 - The Day the Titanic Sank Ages 7-10
Bruchac, Joseph

[More Bruchac]

Squanto's Journey: The Story of the First Thanksgiving [Resource]
The Legend of Squanto (Radio Theatre CD)
Keepers of the Earth: Native American Stories and Environmental Activities for Children
8 Up Bruchac, Margaret M., Catherine O'Neill Grace, Plimoth Plantation (Contributor),et al 1621: A New Look at Thanksgiving
In October of 2000, Plimoth Plantation cooperated with the Wampanoag community to stage an historically accurate reenactment of the 1621 harvest celebration. 1621: A New Look at Thanksgiving exposes the myth that this event was the “first Thanksgiving” and is the basis for the Thanksgiving holiday that is celebrated today. This exciting book describes the actual events that took place during the three days that the Wampanoag people and the colonists came together.
9-12 Bryant, Jen Music for the End of Time [Based on a true story/World War II/German Camp, Stalag 8A 1941/kindness from the enemy/ power of music. A captured French soldier, Olivier Messiaen, is allowed to compose music in a small room in the toilets, and perform with three other prisioners ("Quartet for the End of Time")]
6-9 Bunting, Eve
[Teacher's Resource]
Dandelions [Pioneer Family Life]
I Am the Mummy Heb-Nefert [Interesting activity] [Ancient Egypt Webquest]
9 to 12 Burgan, Michael Voices from Colonial America: Massachusetts 1620-1776 (National Geographic)
8 to 12 Burleigh, Robert Into the Air: The Story of the Wright Brothers' First Flight (American Heroes)(comic book style) [Links below for Wright Brothers]
ORDER@AMAZON [Burleigh has captured Amelia Earhart's first solo flight across the Atlantic in 1928. She was only the second person to do this – and the first woman. Rich in detail, feeling and incident this is nonfiction with edge and action.]
The Adventures of Mark Twain by Huckleberry Finn (Ages 7-9) [Get acquainted with the man behind the pen. Mr. Mark Twain! An interesting character, he was...even if he did sometimes get all gussied up in linen suits and even if he did make it rich and live in a house with so many tiers and gazebos that it looked like a weddin’ cake. All that’s a little too proper and hog tied for our narrator, Huckleberry Finn, but no one is more right for the job of telling this picture book biography than Huck himself.]
10+ Calabro, Marian The Perilous Journey of the Donner Party
[Additional Resources Included]
6-10 Calhoun, Marmaduke Randolph The Story of an Aviator [An insider's story follows the early days of flight — and features a splendid model of a biplane inside. Step back to the 1930s, when an ambitious flying ace vows to claim the prize for the first solo around-the-world fl ight. While readying his aircraft, he offers a richly illustrated look at the exploits of aviation pioneers before him — from the Wright brothers' storied Flyer to Charles Lindbergh's cross-Atlantic flight, from airplane racing and aerial stunts to William Byrd's long-distance record and Amelia Earhart's breaking of the gender barrier. Filled with diagrams, charts, vintage photos, and maps, here is a lavish tribute to the early masters of the sky, who turned fl ights of fancy into real powered aircraft and soared straight into history.]
10+ Caputo, Philip 10,000 Days of Thunder: A History of the Vietnam War [complete overview of America's longest and most unpopular war]
10+ Carbone, Elisa Stealing Freedom [Civil War/Underground Railroad]
7-10 Carter, Dorothy Grandma's General Store: The Ark [unequal opportunities for black in the South during the Great Depression lead a family to move to Philadelphia/intergenerational/excellent for teaching tool in or out of classroom/use for mapping.]
8-11 Castrovilla, Selene Upon Secrecy [How George Washington’s spies saved America. In 1780 France entered the American Revolution. A French fleet was bringing crucial aid to the patriots. Did the British know? Would they intercept? George Washington needed answers—fast. To get them, he turned to his most trusted spies. Upon Secrecy follows the members of the Culper Spy Ring on their most daring and important mission. Washington couldn’t outfight the British. Could he outspy them?
By the Sword: A Young Man Meets War [Meet Benjamin Tallmadge, a young teacher in the midst of Revolutionary America. Spurred by the cry for freedom and the blood spilled at Lexington and Concord, Benjamin sacrifices his career and his dreams to enlist in George Washington's army.]
6-9 Chancellor, Deborah Kingfisher First Picture Atlas [colorful maps, fascinating facts and places, key code. Includes poster of North America] Excellent first atlas.
9-12 Chang, Ina A Separate Battle:Women and the Civil War [Stirring vignettes from such notables as Harriet Beecher Stowe, Clara Barton, Harriet Tubman, Soujourner Truth, and Louisa May Alcott, as well as portraits of lesser known but equally courageous individuals.]
ALL Cheney, Lynne America: A Patriotic Primer
A is for Abigail: An Almanac of Amazing American Women

When Washington Crossed the Delaware: A Wintertime Story for Young Patriots - Ages: 7-9
We the People: The Story of Our Constitution (Ages 9-12)
9-12 Chrisp, Peter World War II: Fighting For Freedom 1939-1945 The Story of the Conflict That changed the World (2010) [From the children in bombed-out cities who were evacuated to the countryside, to the civilians working in munition factories, and the soldiers fighting on land, sea, and air, this book provides an incredible overview of this momentous time in our history. Learn how the war led to advances in technology, medicine, and weaponry, along with special features including life inside a U-boat and spy techniques. A dynamic design and full-color illustrations throughout help readers imagine what it was like for the brave men, women, and children who lived, and died, during World War II.]
8-11 Chin-Lee, Cynthia Akira to Zoltan: Twenty-Six Men Who Changed the World
YA Chotjewitz, David Daniel Half Human: And the Good Nazi A Novel first published in Germany 2000
11 Up Clee, Paul Before Hollywood: From Shadow Play to the Silver Screen ["The history of visual meticulously detailed, painstakingly documented, and clearly laid out chronologically."]
YA Up Clement, Richard W. The Book in America: With Images from the Library of Congress
10 Up Clements, Gillian The Picture History of Great Explorers - Throughout history-from Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar to astronauts and deep-divers of today -great explorers have braved the unknown in search of wealth, territory, knowledge and their own personal dreams. This informative book features more than eighty such pioneers to life with hundreds of delightful illustration and timelines that pick out related historical events. Fact-packed guide/glossary.
The Picture History of the Great Inventors - This visual catalog of the technical achievements that have shaped our lives is illustrated with hundreds of colorful, informative cartoon-style drawings. From the unknown inventor of the wheel to scientists at work on tomorrow's space stations, nearly 50 major inventors are featured, each set in a border brimming with pictorial details of other events and inventions of the time, giving readers a glimpse of that era.

Clinton, Catherine Encyclopedia of the Civil War
Hold the Flag High [July 1868/Civil War, Sergeant William H. Carney, an officer of the newly formed Massachusetts Fifth-fourth Regiment comprised completely of African Americans led soldiers over the ramparts of Fort Wagner where Union soldiers charged the Confederates. The battle decimated the Fifty-fourth but Carney's heroism inspired all who survived. Time Line in back of book. Carney receives the Medal of Honor.]
9-12 Cobb, Vicki DK Biography Harry Houdini: A Photographic Story of a Life [from coin tricks to selling out theaters of Europe/son of poor immigrants transformed himself into the greatest magician in the world.]
5-9 Cook, Jane Hampton What Does the President Look Like? [how did Americans know what George Washington looked like when he was president? And why isn't George smiling on that dollar bill in your pocket? Think Currier and Ives made only Christmas cards sung about in Sleigh Bells? Think again. Posters of presidents--not one horse sleighs-- made Currier and Ives a household name. Did a single photograph of Abraham Lincoln really elect him president? And why didn't Andrew Jackson laugh at those cartoons? These curious questions and many others are answered to show how technology and new inventions have both shaped and made presidents--and America--over the years.]
9-12 Cooke, Tim National Geographic Investigates: Ancient Aztec
4-8 Cole, Henry Unspoken: A Story From the Underground Railroad Henry Cole's superb original storytelling and visual rendering of the Underground Railroad speaks directly to our deepest sense of compassion. In the Author's Note in back of book, Cole talks about his childhood around the Thanksgiving and Christmas table listening to his elderly relatives talk about the Civil War.
YA Cole, Sheila To Be Young in America: Growing up with the Country, 1776-1940 [A child’s eye-view of what life was really like for young Americans. Spanning the late 18th to the early 20th centuries and covering everything from frontier and immigrant life and child labor to school and leisure activities--like riding shafting belts on cotton looms and creating ice skates from pieces of wood--this book documents childrens’ hardships as well as their happier times.]
9-15 Collins, Mary Airborne: A Photobiography of Wilbur and Orville Wright [Well researched, interesting text, 60 photos, and includes: chronology, quote sources,source material, recommended books for young readers, Web sites, interviews, and a video.]
9 Up Cooper, James Fenimore
(1789-1851) [N.C.Wyeth, Illustrator]
The Last of the Mohicans [French and Indian War 1754] Fiction, 2002 Scribner Storybook Classic
10 Up Cooper, Michael L. Dust to Eat: Drought and Depression in the 1930's [Webquest: The Great Depression] [PBS: Surviving the Dust Bowl]
Family Colman, C. H.. The Bald Eagle's View of American History [Cross country Trip? Take this book along. Plight of the bald eagle contrasts the beauty of America] Excellent for classroom.
6-8 Cotten, Cynthia Abbie in Stitches - In 1800's America, girls are expected to to take weekly needlework lessons. Abbie's teacher suggests that she can choose any subject important to her. Abbie realizes that she can speak her mind, "I would rather read", and do what she's told.
9 Up Coulter, Laurie Secrets in Stone: All About Maya Hieroglyphics
YA/A Crane, Stephen The Red Badge of Courage: An Episode of the American Civil War
Croy, Anita Ancient Pueblo: Archaeology Unlocks the Secrets of America's Past (National Geographic Investigates) [At prehistoric sites in the "Four Corners" states (Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico) of the American Southwest, learn about these cliff dwellers. Study the thousands of rock carvings—petroglyphs—they left behind.]
8-11 Curlee, Lynn BROOKLYN BRIDGE   [Brooklyn Bridge Web Site - 8th Wonder of the World]
CAPITAL [the history of five monuments that define our capital city and nation.]
TRAINS [The story of how trains began barreling across the landscape is one of new machines, new inventions, new jobs, and new hopes. Railroad travel started with steam-powered wagons on a tramway and developed into a technology that would change the day-to-day life of Americans in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries -- and forever connect one coast to another.] Ages 9-12
9-12 Dalal, Anita National Geographic Investigates: Ancient India: Archaeology Unlocks the Secrets of India's Past
12+ Dash, Joan A Dangerous Engine: Benjamin Franklin, from Scientist to Diplomat - At the time of his famous kite experiment, Benjamin Franklin was unaware that his theories about electricity had already made him a celebrity all over Europe, especially in France, where fashionable circles loved to discuss scientific discovery. Admired by the French court and beloved by French citizens, Franklin effectively became America’s first foreign diplomat, later helping to enlist France’s military and financial support for the American Revolution. A father of the revolution and a signer of the Constitution, Franklin was a lightning rod in political circles – “a dangerous Engine,” according to a critic. And although he devoted the last twenty-five years of his life to affairs of state, his first love was always science. Handsome pen-and-ink drawings highlight moments in this revolutionary thinker’s life.
6 Up
Davis, Kenneth C. Don't Know Much About the Pilgrims
Don't Know Much About the Kings and Queens of England
Don't Know Much About the Presidents
Don't Know Much About the Pioneers [Oregon Trail Lesson Plan]
Don't Know Much About Abraham Lincoln
Don't Know Much About Mummies
9-11 Decker, Timothy For Liberty: The Story of the Boston Massacre [On a cold, clear night in 1770, British soldiers and American colonists clashed in Boston. This was the brink of war. For fifteen minutes, fear and confusion reigned over the city. This was the Boston Massacre and the birth of civil liberties.]
10-13 Deckker, Zilah Ancient Rome: Archaeolology Unlocks the Secrets of Rome's Past (National Geographic Investigates) [Learn about the writing tablets excavated from a Roman fort. Wonder at the fabulous mosaic recently discovered beneath the streets of Italy's capital city. See how ancient artifacts help scientists today piece together the puzzle of Ancient Rome's past.]
9-12 Delano, Marfe Ferguson American Heroes [Fifty profiles of great Americans who set out, spoke up, stood tall, fought hard, or truly dared to dream] (National Geographic) 2005
Inventing the Future: A Photobiography of Thomas Alva Edison - Thomas Edison’s 1,093 patented inventions include the light bulb, the phonograph, and significant contributions to the fields of photography and filmmaking and to what ultimately would become the national power grid. Edison’s gritty way of persevering—working ’round the clock with many assistants, catnapping on his lab table, trying things over and over again until he finally made a breakthrough—gave birth to the modern research laboratory, where hypotheses are proposed and then tested. Combines lively text, rare period photographs, Edison’s own words, and foreword by Edison’s great-grandson.
9-12 Doak, Robin Voices from Colonial America: New Jersey 1609-1776 (National Geographic) (2005)
7-10 Dooling, Michael Young Thomas Edison [explores the origins of Edison's scientific genius: his interest in mixing chemicals and his diligence in his work as a paperboy, as well as his difficulty paying attention in school.]
The Great Horseless Carriage Race [first automobile race- 1895]
10-12 Durrant, Lynda The Sun, the Rain, and the Apple Seed: A Novel of Johnny Appleseed's Life [John Chapman (1774-1845)] [Johnny Appleseed CyberTrek]
4-8 Drummond, Allan LIBERTY! [story told through the eyes of a boy chosen to relay a signal to sculptor Bartholdi in Statue of Liberty crown. Describes what was happening in NY during the statue's raising.]
The Flyer - Ages 4-8 [Wright Brothers/"crazy kite"]
6-10 Edwards, Judith The Great Expedition of Lewis and Clark: By Private Reubin Field, Member of the Corps of Discovery [Resources]
9 Up
Edwards, Pamela Duncan Barefoot: Escape on the Underground Railroad
Boston Tea Party
The Wright Brothers [Resources]
4 Up
Esbaum, Jill Ste-e-e-e-eamboat a-Comin'! [The townfolk of a small village on the banks of the upper Mississippi come vividly alive at the sound of a whistle and the holler of "Ste-e-e-e-eamboat a-comin'!" The incoming vessel is filled with passengers and cargo, and at a rapid speed, things are unloaded and loaded - but before you know it, the village is once again at its previous sleepy pace. Inspired by Mark Twain's Life on the Mississippi,/ gorgeous paintings by Adam Rex that do homage to Norman Rockwell.]
4 Up Fereris, Jeri Chase Noah Webster and His Words [Webster’s American Dictionary is the second most popular book ever printed in English. But who was that Webster? Noah Webster (1758–1843) was a bookish Connecticut farm boy who became obsessed with uniting America through language. He spent twenty years writing two thousand pages to accomplish that, and the first 100 percent American dictionary was published in 1828 when he was seventy years old. This clever, hilariously illustrated account shines a light on early American history and the life of a man who could not rest until he’d achieved his dream. An illustrated chronology of Webster’s life makes this a picture perfect bi-og-ra-phy [noun: a written history of a person's life].]
9 Up
Fink, Sam The Declaration of Independence: The Words That Made America [text with visual interpretations]
9-12 Finkelman, Paul American Document: The Constitution (National Geographic 2005) [the reader sits in on the Constitutional Convention, where arguments about how to balance power between large and small states and how to count slaves as part of the population are among the key issues. They will learn about the Virginia Plan, the New Jersey Plan, the Connecticut Plan, and the Three-fifths Compromise, and meet some of the Federalists and Anti-Federalists who argued the Constitution's pros and cons until it was finally ratified and became the law of the land.
6-8 Flatt, Lizann Let's Go!: The Story of Getting from There to Here [journey across our continent and through time to discover all the methods humans have used to get from one place to another. From the first “travelers” who crossed the Bering Land Bridge on foot, through steamships, bicycles, cars, and planes, to contemporary space trips.]
Fleischman, Paul Time Train [Lesson Plan]
Bull Run [Lesson Plan]
Fleming, Candace Ben Franklin's Almanac: Being a True Account of the Good Gentleman's Life (2003) [masterpiece/excellent resource]
Big Cheese for the White House: The True Tale of A Tremendous Cheddar [President Jefferson]
Boxes for Katje [Post WWII Holland/American children send food and clothing]
Our Eleanor: A Scrapbook Look at Eleanor Roosevelt's Remarkable Life
The Lincolns: A Scrapbook Look at Abraham and Mary (Ages 12 and up) [birth-to-death, well-told biography of Mary and Abraham, Extensive end notes.]
9 Up Fleming, Thomas Everybody's Revolution [The dimensions of the patriot cause during the American Revolution were far more multicultural and multiethnic than we have for so long believed. Women, African Americans, Jews, Native Americans, Hispanic Americans, European immigrants, and young adults played leading roles in the struggle for independence from Great Britain. Today it seems students and teachers want to know more about the past than what a few famous white men did. They want to understand how women and men of different cultures and backgrounds contributed to our early history, and to making America what it is today.]
9-12 Fox, Mary V. The Story of Women Who Shaped the West
Fradin, Dennis Brindell Let It Begin Here!: Lexington And Concord First Battles Of The American Revolution (Ages 7-11)
The Founders: The 39 Stories Behind the U.S. Constitution [short biographies of the 39 men who created and signed the Constitution in September 1787/text of Constitution in back/bibliography] (Ages 10-14)
5,000 Miles to Freedom: Ellen and William Craft's Flight from Slavery (Ages 10-14)
Duel!: Burr and Hamilton's Deadly War of Words (Ages 7-11) [In the early morning hours of July 11, 1804, two men stood facing each other on a New Jersey cliff side. One was the U.S. vice president, Aaron Burr, and the other was Alexander Hamilton, the secretary of the treasury. They were ready to fight to the death for honor. These Founding Fathers, once friends and colleagues, had become the bitterest of enemies. After years of escalating tension, Burr had finally challenged Hamilton to a duel. In the end, only one man survived, but their infamous rivalry lives on.]
12 Up Fradin, Dennis Brindell and Judith Bloom Fight On!: Mary Church Terrell's Battle for Integration [Co-founder of NAACP/fought for rights and justice for all/against lynching/woman's right to vote/first black judge for the District of Columbia/writer/teacher] [Bio] [Mary Church Terrell House]
6+ Frank, John The Tomb of the Boy King [Discovery of King Tutankhamen's Tomb]
[DNA testing] [Ancient Egypt] [Ancient Egypt Webquest]
Frank, Anne, et al Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl
Anne Frank. Beyond the Diary: A Photographic Remembrance
9+ Freedman, Russell The Wright Brothers: How They Invented the Airplane [Newbery Honor] [Resources]
Give Me Liberty: The Story of the Declaration of Independence [American Revolution and the Declaration of Independence]
In Defense of Liberty: The Story of America's Bill of Rights [origins and challenges of first 10 amendments/with photos/clippings]
Lincoln: A Photobiography [supplemental unit]
Eleanor Roosevelt: A Life of Discovery
Cowboys of the Wild West
In the Days of the Vaqueros: America's First True Cowboys
Children of the Wild West
Kids at Work: Lewis Hine and the Crusade Against Child Labor
Children of the Great Depression [Drawing on memoirs, diaries, letters, and other firsthand accounts, and richly illustrated with classic archival photographs, this book by one of the most celebrated authors of nonfiction for children places the Great Depression in context and shows young readers its human face. Endnotes, selected bibliography, index.]
Who Was First?: Discovering the Americas [There is evidence that adventurers, explorers, traders, and nomads from various parts of the globe set foot on American soil long before 1492. And expeditions that landed in the Americas reported people already living there-indicating that America had been "discovered" before. Colourful legends and first-person accounts are woven into the riveting narrative, which also illuminates the way historians and map-makers have gathered, evaluated, and recorded information throughout the ages. "Source notes, bibliography, index."]
Lafayette and the American Revolution [When the Marquis de Lafayette ran off to join the American Revolution against the explicit orders of the king of France, he was a strong-willed nineteen-year-old who had never set foot on a battlefield. Although the U.S. Congress granted him an honorary commission only out of respect for his title and wealth, Lafayette quickly earned the respect of his fellow officers with his bravery, devotion to the cause of liberty, and incredible drive. Playing a pivotal role in the Revolution, Lafayette convinced the French government to send troops, made crucial pacts with Native Americans, and lead his men to victory at Yorktown. This thrilling account of a daring soldier will fascinate young historians. Source notes, bibliography, time line, index.] Ages 10+
Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass: The Story Behind an American Friendship (Ages 9 and up) [a clear-sighted, carefully researched account of two surprisingly parallel lives and how they intersected at a critical moment in U.S. history. Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass were both self-taught, both great readers and believers in the importance of literacy, both men born poor who by their own efforts reached positions of power and prominence—Lincoln as president of the United States and Douglass as the most famous and influential African American of his time. Though their meetings were few and brief, their exchange of ideas helped to end the Civil War, reunite the nation, and abolish slavery. Bibliography, source notes, index.]
The Boston Tea Party [More than any other event, the Boston Tea Party of 1773 has come to stand for the determination of American colonists to control their own destinies. From the arrival of the ships full of controversial taxed tea in Boston Harbor, through the explosive protest meetings at the Old South Church, to the defiant act of dumping 226 chests of fine tea into the harbor on December 16, Freedman captures this exciting story. Source notes, a bibliography, a time line, an afterword, a historical map, and index.] (Ages 6-9)
8+ Fritz, Jean Bully for You, Teddy Roosevelt! []
Shh! We're Writing the Constitution
And Then What Happened, Paul Revere?
Can't You Make Them Behave, King George? [Lesson Plan]
Will You Sign Here, John Hancock [Painting: The Declaration of Independence - historical criticism]
5-8 Fuchs, Bernie Ride Like The Wind: A Tale Of The Pony Express [When the Pony Express was in Vogue] [Facts]
6-9 Gaffney, Timothy R. Wee and the Wright Brothers [almost historical fiction]
10 Up Galford, Ellen Julius Caesar: The Boy Who Conquered An Empire [National Geographic]
9-12 Garland, Sherry Voices of the Alamo [IllustratedChronology] [The Battle]
5-8 Gerrard, Roy Croco'Nile [Ancient Egypt Kid Connection]
10 Up Geyer, Flora Mao Zedong: The Rebel Who Led a Revolution [National Geographic]
6 and up Gherman, Beverly First Mothers [Did you know that Thomas Jefferson's mother ran a plantation by herself, or that Abraham Lincoln's mother was a wrestler? James Madison's mom called him "Jemmy" and made his shirts while he went to college, and Woodrow Wilson created Mother's Day to celebrate all mothers—especially his.]
12 Up
Giblin, James Cross The Many Rides Of Paul Revere [French immigrant's son, silversmith, American Revolution.]
Good Brother, Bad Brother: The Story of Edwin Booth and John Wilkes Booth
The Amazing Life of Benjamin Franklin [see also: Timeline of Philadelphia's History]
The Life and Death of Adolf Hitler (compelling read)
Thomas Jefferson: A Picture Book Biography
George Washington: A Picture Book Biography
Charles A. Lindbergh: A Human Hero
Secrets of the Sphinx [Amazing Facts/Source Notes/Bibliography]
The Boy Who Saved Cleveland [In 1798, Cleveland, Ohio, was in danger of being wiped out by a malaria epidemic. Based on fact, this book tells the remarkable story of Seth Doan, a young boy whose heroic efforts kept his family and neighbors alive and ultimately put the city of Cleveland on the map.]
8-12 Giff, Patricia Reilly Nory Ryan's Song [Irish Potato Famine]
9 up Gifford, Clive Atlas of Firsts: A World of Amazing Record Breakers [a catalog of a thousand years of human achievements, both large and small. Who won the first air-guitar championships? Where was the first skyscraper? What is Sweden’s main claim to fame? Country by country, city by city, the world’s most fascinating firsts are plotted across the globe, with more than 600 detailed picture icons in the areas of exploration, sports, culture, science, and technology. Feature spreads look at firsts down in the oceans and up in space.]
13 up Clifford, Barry Real Pirates: The Untold Story of the Whydah from Slave Ship to Pirate Ship [One of the most advanced sailing ships of the early 18th-century when she first set sail from London in late 1716, this vessel brought adventure, wealth, and doom to all who sailed on her. Commissioned as a slave ship, the Whydah was built with a deep cargo hold to pack in her human cargo, African captives bound for sale to Caribbean planters. The Whydah would make only one such voyage, before being captured by pirates off the Bahamas in February 1717. She fell into the hands of captain Sam Bellamy who soon replaced the English flag with the Jolly Roger.]
4-8 Glass, Andrew The Wondrous Whirligig: The Wright Brothers' First Flying Machine [encouragement from parents]
9-12 Gold, Alison Leslie A Special Fate: Chiuneory Sugihara: Hero of the Holocaust
10 up Goodman, Susan See How They Run: Campaign Dreams, Election Schemes, and the Race to the White House [Using witty anecdotes and clear explanations, acclaimed writer Susan E. Goodman takes readers from the birth of democracy to the Electoral College; from front porch campaigning to hanging chads.]
8 Up Gottschalk, Jack Firefighting [history's most formidable fires, showing how each influenced the evolution of firefighting technology, equipment, and tactics. Includes September 11, 2001]
16 Up Grant, R. J. Flight: 100 Years of Aviation [in association with the Smithsonian Institution's National Air and Space Museum] [extensive]
12 Up Greenfeld, Howard After the Holocaust [young Holocaust survivors]
The Hidden Children [WWII - Hiding from the Nazis]
4 Up Greenstein, Elaine Ice-Crean Cones For Sale! [ Six men and one woman claim ot have put ice cream and cones together for the first time.]
Grun, Bernard The Timetables of History : A Horizontal Linkage of People and Events - 3rd Ed.
10-14 Gutman, Dan Race for the Sky: The Kitty Hawk Diaries of Johnny Moore
10-14 Harness, Cheryl [Interview] Click here for interview and books Included:
The Remarkable Rough-Riding Life of Theodore Roosevelt and the Rise of Empire America
The Adventurous Life of Myles Standish and the Amazing-but-True Survival Story of Plymouth Colony
The Tragic Tale of Narcissa Whitman and a Faithful History of the Oregon Trail
The Trailblazing Life of Daniel Boone and How Early Americans Took to the Road
The Groundbreaking, Chance-Taking Life of George Washington Carver and Science and Invention in America
The Literary Adventures of Washington Irving: American Storyteller
16 Up Hardesty, Von Lindbergh: Flight's Enigmatic Hero [National Air and Space Museum Celebrates 75th Anniversary of Lindbergh's Solo Trans-Atlantic Flight]
YA Hautzig, Esther The Endless Steppe : Growing Up in Siberia
10-14 Hawass, Zahi Tutankhamun: The Mystery of the Boy King [Imagine becoming a king at the age of eight. Imagine being married then, too, and responsible for a whole kingdom. Your parents are dead. the adults who help you have ambitions for themselves. the people think of you as divine, with special relationship to the gods. Featuring more than 60 breathtaking photographs/illustrations, results from a 2004 CAT scan of the young monarch's mummy/book explores the life and early death of one of the most intriguing of the Egyptian kings.
9Up Hawcock, David 3D TIME SPACE
Amazing Pop-Up, Pull-Out Mummy Book
10-14 Hesse, Karen STOWAWAY
[Captain James Cook (1728 - 1779) English naval officer, surveyor, and explorer.
[The Life and Works of Sir Joseph Banks]
[Captain Cook Study Unit]
The Cats in Krasinski Square [Jewish Resistance in 1942 Warsaw, Poland Ghetto/Author and Historical Notes/inspired by a true story]
8 up Honovich, Nancy World of Inventors: Alexander Graham Bell [Discover why Bell is considered one of the greatest inventors of all time. Learn about his life and inventions, including the telephone and induction balance, and about his extensive work in deaf education. Learn how to think like an inventor and complete fun activities inspired by Bell and his world-changing inventions. Build an intercom system modeled after Bell's telephone (included)]
10 Up Hoose, Phillip We Were There, Too!: Young People in U.S. History*****

9 Up
Hopkinson, Deborah Apples to Oregon: Being the (Slightly) True Narrative of How a Brave Pioneer Father Brought Apples, Peaches, Pears, Plums, Grapes, and Cherries (and Children) Across the Plains [Based loosely on the life of Henderson Lewelling.] Henderson Lewelling House and Underground RR ]
Saving Strawberry Farm [Great Depression/the community helps one another]
Up Before Daybreak: Cotton and People In America [captures the voices of the forgotten men, women, and children who worked in the cotton industry in America over the centuries.]
10-14 Hulls, John Rider in the Sky: How an American Cowboy Built England's First Airplane [Samuel Cody] [Cody Society]
9-12 Ishii, Takayuk One Thousand Paper Cranes [Lesson Plan]
7-10 Johnson, Angela Those Building Men
7-10 Judge, Lita One Thousand Tracings: Healing the Wounds of World War II [Lita Judge grew up with grandparents, who were will-known ornithologists and were responsible for starting "the Action," the movement in which many Americans sent food, clothing, and scientific materials to Europeans after World War II.
9-12 Karwoski, Gail Langer Quake! Disaster in San Francisco 1906 [historical fiction] [Learn More]
Seaman: The Dog Who Explored the West With Lewis and Clark
9 Up Katz, Bobbi We the People [65 Poems]
7-10 Katz, Susan A Revolutionary Field Trip: Poems About Colonial Life [Bring your own class trip alive within the classroom]
The President's Stuck in the Bathtub: Poems About the Presidents (Ages 7 and up) (You're not too old for this book!) - Playful political poems about the penchants and peccadilloes of the presidents! Sure, William Taft got stuck in his tub, but did you know that John Quincy Adams used to skinny-dip in the Potomac? Herbert Hoover spoke Chinese with his wife, and Gerald Ford had his name changed from Leslie Lynch King. It’s true! In The President’s Stuck in the Bathtub, the lives of the presidents are served up as fact-filled and fanciful poems that will make you laugh, cringe, and gasp with amazement at the colorful cast of men and women who have lived in the White House. With footnotes relating the facts behind the inspiration for each poem, and a section called “Presidential Notes and Quotes” in the back, this is one hilarious history lesson that kids will elect to read over and over again! Get one for your school.
Karr, Kathleen Mama Went To Jail For The Vote [fictional account of the suffragist movement]
Spy in the Sky [Balloon Corps and Thaddeus Lowe]
12 up Kaufman, Michael T. 1968 - THE YEAR AMERICA GREW UP. From racial and gender equality fights to the struggle against the draft and the Vietnam war, in 1968 Americans asked questions and fought for their rights. Look back on that seminal year--from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s assasination to the Columbia University riots to our changing role among other nations--in this gripping introduction to the events home and abroad. The year we first took steps in space, the year we shaped the present, 1968 presented by a former New York Times writer who lived through it all, shares the story with detail and passion. Includes am excellent index, notable pictures from 1968, and reprints of NYT articles. A must read. (2009)
12-15 Kay, Alan Send 'em South [Civil War] [Lesson Plan]
6-9 Keating, Frank Will Rogers [Learn more about Will Rogers (1879-1935)]
Theodore [Theodore Roosevelt's rich life and how he made a difference]
5 Up Keller, Laurie The Scrambled States of America [learning the United States with a comical twist]
6-9 Kelly, Irene A Small Dog's Big Life: Around the World with Owney [True story, told in the form of letters, of Owney, a dog who became mascot of the Albany, New York post office in 1888 and traveled around the world. Includes historical notes. Plot his travels on the globe.
12 up Kendall, Martha E. The Erie Canal [The story of one of America’s most ambitious public-works projects. The canal, stretching from New York to Lake Erie, opened up the West in the early 1800s. The Erie Canal is the story of an impossible dream fulfilled. The canal ultimately linked the East to the West, made New York the nation’s wealthiest state, and gave many immigrant workers a path to a better life. The canal was completed in 1825 and was instantly hailed as the "Eighth Wonder of the World."]
9-12 Kent, Peter Peter Kent's City Across Time [Shows how an early settlement changes into a bustling, modern-day city and how new buildings are constructed on the rubble of the old. See how once-grand building become buried and how some structures remain through the centuries. Brand-new artworks and spreads reveal the prehistoric origins of the settlement, its 21st-century development and even give a glimpse into the far future, when ice sheets threaten to overwhelm the city.] With extra pages that plunge into an archaeological dig, Roman catacombs, a medieval mine, the first Victorian underground railway.
5-9 Kirkpatrick, Kathryn Redcoats and Petticoats [Revolutionary War, Patriot spies Robert Townsend and Nancy Strong and her petticoat signals]
12 Up Kraft, Betsy Harvey Theodore Roosevelt: Champion of the American Spirit
10 Up Kramer, Ann Eleanor of Aquitaine: The Queen Who Rode Off to Battle [National Geographic]
Anne Frank: The Young Writer Who Told the World Her Story [National Geographic]
Mandela: The Rebel Who Led His Nation to Freedom [National Geographic]
Krensky, Stephen Pearl Harbor (Ready-to-Read)
Paul Revere's Midnight Ride [Visit Paul Revere's House online]
What's the Big Idea?: Four Centuries of Innovation in Boston [Since its founding in 1630, Boston has been a hub of new ideas that have led America and the world in new directions. From toll-house cookies to personal computers, young readers learn about the Bostonian people, places, and events that changed the course of history.]
6-9 Griffin, Kitty The Ride: The Legend of Betsy Dowdy [Repeated for over two hundred years as an oral tradition, the legend of Betsy Dowdy is a classic American tale of a girl who simply believed she could be free. Inspired by the danger and daring of this ordinary North Carolinian girl, THE RIDE is a story about stepping up to help the cause you believe in, doing even what little you can, and building the United States of America.]
8-11 Kroll, Stephen The Boston Tea Party
9-12 Krull, Kathleen A Kids' Guide to America's Bill of Rights [What is the Bill of Rights Lesson Plan]
Harvesting Hope: The Story of Cesar Chavez [Cesar Chavez Foundation]
Lives of the Presidents: Fame, Shame (and What the Neighbors Thought) [looks at their bad habits, silly nicknames, and strange pets. Every president--from George Washington to Bill Clinton--is included, with an emphasis on those who have had the greatest impact on history. Discover their high points, low points, and the times in between.] (2011)
BIG WIG: A Little History of Hair [Did you know that kings AND queens wore fake beards in Ancient Egypt? Or that hair was used in medicine at the height of the Incan Empire? Or that Queen Elizabeth I had more than 80 wigs in various shades of red? Kathleen Krull and Peter Malone start at the dawn of history and bring us up to contemporary times, using incredible bits and bobs of hair fact and lore to show us just how much things have changed (and how they haven't!).] (2011)
7-10 LaFaye, Alexandria Walking Home to Rosie Lee (Ages 7-10) [Post Civil War. Young Gabe's is a story of heartache and jubilation. He's a child slave freed after the Civil War. He sets off to reunite himself with his mother who was sold before the war's end. He takes to the road keeping my eyes open for my mama. Days pass into weeks, and one gray evening he sees a woman with a yellow scarf around her neck as bright as a star and he runs up to grab her hand... Gabe's odyssey in search of his mother has an epic American quality, and Keith Shepherd's illustrations—influenced deeply by the narrative work of Thomas Hart Benton—fervently portray the struggle in Gabe's heroic quest.]
9-12 Landau, Elaine Maritime Disasters
Space Disasters
9-12 Lange, Karen E. 1607: A New Look at Jamestown - In time for the 400th anniversary of the Jamestown settlement, 1607: A New Look at Jamestown is the last word on America's first colony. With expert appraisal of new archaeological evidence, this National Geographic title stands alone for timely authority and visual appeal. Karen Lange's gripping narrative incorporates analysis of the latest discoveries from the Jamestown site/photography detailing newly discovered artifacts, and highlighting authentic Jamestown reenactments. Compelling new theories, a National Geographic period map, and stunning reenactment photography take us back to Jamestown in 1607, where the course of our country's history changed forever.
9-12 Lasky, Kathryn The Man Who Made Time Travel - Longitude Act of 1714 [The Creation of the Sea Clock] [John "Longitude" Harrison (1693-1776) BBC News] [Making a Longitude / Latitude Grid For the Sun Ages 9-12]
8-10 Lauber, Patricia What You Never Knew About Beds, Bedrooms, & Pajamas [Learn these facts and more in this true but funny account of beds, bedrooms, and pajamas since the Stone Age.] (2006)
What You Never Knew About Tubs, Toilets, & Showers [The early Greeks and Romans were among the first to build public baths and toilets. One of the biggest Roman baths held three thousand people at once -- and everyone went naked! But when those empires fell, so did the standard for cleanliness. It would be 1,400 years before bathing came back into style.] (2001)
11 Up Lavender, William Just Jane: A daughter of England caught in the struggle of the American Revolution (fiction)
Lee, Milly Nim and the War Effort [based on Author's childhood memories - 1943 WWII San Francisco - school newspaper drive to help the war effort]
Landed [Use with Chinese Exclusion Act/12 year old Sun wants to join his Father in America. He is warned of the difficulty because new immigrants like Sun are detained at Angel Island until they are called to take a difficult oral exam before they can “land” – leave Angel Island and go ashore.]
YA Lerangis, Peter Smiler's Bones A novel based on actual historical facts. [1897 explorer Robert Peary took six Eskimos from their homes to be "presented" to the American Museum of Natural History in NYC to be living, breathing museum exhibits. [Adults: Read Give Me My Father's Body: The Life of Minik, the New York Eskimo by Kenn Harper
Trip? Lester, Alison Are We There Yet?: A Journey Around Australia [six month adventure/hiking, camping, meeting people and seeing Australia]
10 Up Levy, Elizabeth If You Were There When They Signed the Constitution [ Q&A format. Examples: Why the Constitution is called a miracle. What was missing and what was the big argument.]
6-8 Lewin, Ted How Much?: Visiting Markets Around the World [How much for... fried bananas in Bangkok, a mandolin in New Jersey, llama-wool ponchos in Peru, or a camel in Cairo? A library must-have for this global economy]
6 Up Lewin, Ted and Betsy Top to Bottom Down Under [Authors adventures from the northernmost tip of Australia to the southernmost tip. At the top, they interrupt a python's mealtime, encounter a ferocious pack of dingoes, and come face-to-face with a crocodile. Down at the bottom, they dine with rude kangaroos, meet their first platypus, and confront an ill-tempered sea lion!]
10-12 Lewis, J. Patrick Monumental Verses [14 poems include odes to such great monuments as Angkor Wat, the Taj Mahal, the Great Pyramid of Cheops, Hagia Sophia, the Great Wall of China, Mount Rushmore, and the Guggenheim Museum. Back of the book is a map showing the locations of the monuments along with brief historical information on each site , some background on the photographer, and history of the photograph.]
The Brothers' War: Civil War Voices in Verse [Poignant poetry gives readers a vivid insight into the brutal conflict that tore America apart. The author draws on primary-source books and articles to inspire each poem, bringing the ordinary and extraordinary voices of the Civil War to light. Includes a note from the Photo Editor on the authentic period images used throughout.]
7 Up Lourie, Peter
[Bio and Supporting links]
Mississippi River
Erie Canal
On the Trail of Sacagawea
On the Trail of Lewis and Clark: A Journey up the Missouri River
LESSON PLANS [see also] Making the Civil War Come Alive
9-12 Levinson, Nancy Smiler Magellan and the First Voyage Around the World
9-12 Logan, Claudia 5,000-Year-Old Puzzle: Solving a Mystery of Ancient Egypt [Based on actual records of Reisner's history-making dig, journal entries, funny postcards, and cartoons.]
9-12 Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth Paul Revere's Ride: The Landlord's Tale (illus. by Charles Santore) [poem that immortalized Paul Revere and the beginning of America's War of Independence]
7-11 Lorenz, Albert The Trojan War - The Trojan Horse is one of the best known and most ingenious plans in the history of warfare. How did the Greeks pull off this daring feat? How did the Trojans have enough food and water to sustain them for years? How could so tall a wooden horse be built unseen? Answers provided via art panels, speech balloons, and architectural-style drawings, for a totally unique perspective on the famous conflict. The city, ships, and the horse itself are rendered as architectural cut-aways and elevations to reveal what is going on inside as well as outside. Packed full of well-researched facts and historical details.
7-12 Lyon, George Ella Which Side Are You On?: The Story of a Song [labor unions, workers' rights, U. S. Labor Industry, Minors, oppressed workers. “Don’t scab for the bosses./ Don’t listen to their lies" “This is how the night goes: bullets through the walls, talk under the bed, words on the page”]
9-11 MacLeod, Elizabeth The Wright Brothers: A Flying Start (Biography) [photographs, newspaper clippings, maps, quotes and drawings/timelines of their lives and the history of flight/listing of pertinent Web sites.]
Alexander Graham Bell [This photo-biography chronicles the life and many remarkable achievements of Alexander Graham Bell, including his work with the hearing impaired and experiments with flight, iceberg locators and, of course, the telephone.]
Mark Twain: An American Star (Ages 9-12) Meet Mark Twain (is that his real name?), best-selling author, world traveler, comedian, riverboat pilot, lecturer and the first American celebrity. Find out where he got his ideas for his many books. Discover how his writing still entertains and inspires readers today.
7 Up
7 Up
Maestro, Betsy Struggle for a Continent: The French and Indian Wars, 1689-1763
Liberty or Death: The American Revolution: 1763-1783 [includes Table of Dates, and Unsung Heroes of the Ameican Revolution]
12 up Mah, Adeline Yen China: Land of Dragons and Emperors [fascinating and absorbing book: discover the land of dragons and emperors, and learn about the significance of its ancient dynasties. Countless tools and materials that people have used every day for centuries—paper, gunpowder, cast iron, matches, and silk, to name just a few—were first made in China. Chinese society has progressed through major changes, but lucky numbers, festivals, beliefs about colors, the practic of footbinding, the building of the Great Wall, and the larger-than-life people of China are all integral parts of this ancient civilization and still have an impact on life today. Maps, time line, index and extensive bibliography.]
7-11 Mann, Elizabeth The Brooklyn Bridge: The story of the world's most famous bridge and the remarkable family that built it. (Ages 9-12) [About a legendary feat of engineering and an extraordinary family. Through rare, historical photographs, informative diagrams, and powerful illustrations, learn exactly how this magnificent bridge was designed and constructed. Learn of the Roeblings loyalty, courage, sacrifice, and commitment. The Brooklyn Bridge is the story of a bridge across a great river and a bridge across generations, a bridge of stone and steel and one of the human spirit.
YA Marrin, Albert George Washington and the Founding of a Nation
9-12 Marsden, Carolyn Sahwira: An African Friendship [Set in the volatile Rhodesia of the 1960s, this dramatic story, narrated from alternating viewpoints, tells of an interracial friendship tested. Author's note and glossary provide background.]
7-9 Marzollo, Jean In 776 [When the American colonists felt they were being treated unfairly by the British, they decided to do something about it. With the help of brave citizens like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, America won the Revolutionary War and the Declaration of Independence was born.] Introduction to the American Revolution.
9-12 Masiello. Ralph Ralph Masiello's Ancient Egypt Drawing Book [explores the mysteries of Ancient Egypt, from the great pyramid of Khafra to Queen Nefertiti. Step-by-step diagrams show kids how to draw pyramids, sphinxes, pharaohs, and more. Bonus steps encourage young artists to customize their drawings with historically accurate symbols and other details. An introduction and annotations throughout the book provide a glimpse into the fascinating world of this ancient civilization.]
9-12 Matthews, Tom L. Always Inventing: A Photobiography of Alexander Graham Bell - Period photographs as well as pages from Bell's original notebooks help paint a vivid portrait of the man who -- from his first invention at age 11 (a tool to clean husks from wheat kernels) to his patent on hydrofoil improvements 64 years later -- was always inventing.
9-12 McComb, Marianne American Documents: The Emancipation Proclamation (National Geographic 2005) [Lesson Plan Grades 11/12] [Examining the Emancipation Proclamation]
6-9 McDonough, Yonal Zeldis The Life of Benjamin Franklin: An American Original [prose and folk art/more detail than most picture books] (2006)
5-8 McDonald, Megan Saving the Liberty Bell
ALL McPherson, James M. Fields of Fury: The American Civil War*****
10-14 Mazer, Harry A Boy At War: A Novel of Pearl Harbor
10 Up McCarty, Nick Marco Polo: The Boy Who Traveled the Medieval World [World History Biographies/National Geographic]
6-9 McGill, Alice Molly Bannaky [Relates how Benjamin Banneker's grandmother journeyed from England to Maryland in the late seventeenth century, worked as an indentured servant, began a farm of her own, and married a freed slave. ]
6-12 McGovern, Ann ...If You Lived in Colonial Times [Lesson Plan: Compare your life with colonial children]
8-12 Melmed, Laura Krauss Capital!: Washington D.C.from A to Z [Alphabetic tour of Washington, D.C. - A is for the Air and Space Museum, Z if for the National Zoo...]
10+ Meltzer, Milton Ten Kings and the Worlds They Ruled [Hammurabi, David, Kublai Khan, Attila the Hun, Peter the Great, Charlemagne, Mansa Musa, Atahualpa, Louis XIV]
Tough Times [A dramatic, insightful novel set in the Great Depression. When veterans of World War 1 plan a protest march on Washington, D.C., to gain the bonuses promised them for their service in the war, Joey and his father join the marchers. Once in the nation's capital, they, like thousands of others from across the country, set up a makeshift tent in one of the "Hoovervilles." But their hopes are shattered as the president calls in federal troops with rifles, tear gas, and flaming torches. Stricken with fear, Joey runs away, and ends up riding the railroads with a group of homeless young people. Skillfully blending historical fact and fast-paced fiction, Milton Meltzer brings alive a period when families desperately tried to cope as hopelessness gripped the nation. "Author's note".] [Learn More: Herbert Hoover   Timeline   Bonus Marchers on the Capitol Steps
Albert Einstein: A Biography [the life and work of one of the greatest scientists of all time.]

12+ Meyer, Carolyn Mary, Bloody Mary [Mary Tudor/Young Queen Mary]
[Elizabethan Costuming Page]
Beware, Princess Elizabeth
Doomed Queen Anne [Ann Boleyn]
Duchessina: A Novel of Catherine de' Medici ["a fascinating young woman who relies on her intelligence, rather than her beauty"]
The True Adventures of Charley Darwin (Ages 11-13) [journey of a famous naturalist before science]
Victoria Rebels [Queen Victoria most certainly left a legacy—under her rule as the longest reigning female monarch in history, the British Empire was greatly expanded and significant industrial, cultural, political, scientific, and military changes occurred within the United Kingdom. To be a young woman in a time when few other females held positions of power was to lead in a remarkable age—and because Queen Victoria kept personal journals, this historical novel shares authentic emotional insight along with accurate information, weaving a true story of intrigue and romance.]
9-12 Miller, Marilyn Words That Built A Nation
10 Up Millman, Isaac Hidden Child [After more than fifty years of keeping his story to himself, Isaac Millman, author of the Moses series, has broken his silence to tell it in spare prose, vivid composite paintings, and family photos that survived the war in Nazi-occupied France.]
9-12 Miller, Millie and
Nelson, Cyndi
The United States of America: State by State Guide
8 up Milway, Katie Smith Mimi's Village: And How Basic Health Care Transformed It Mimi Malaho and her family help bring basic health care to their community. By making small changes like sleeping under mosquito nets and big ones like building a clinic with outside help, the Malahos and their neighbors transform their Kenyan village from one afraid of illness to a thriving community.
12 up Nelson, Marilyn A Wreath for Emmett Till [In 1955 people all over the United States knew that Emmett Louis Till was a fourteen-year-old African American boy lynched for supposedly whistling at a white woman in Mississippi. The brutality of his murder, the open-casket funeral held by his mother, Mamie Till Mobley, and the acquittal of the men tried for the crime drew wide media attention. In a profound and chilling poem, award-winning poet Marilyn Nelson reminds us of the boy whose fate helped spark the civil rights movement. ]
9-12 Mitchell, Don LIFTOFF: A Photobiography of John Glenn
12 up Moser, Barry Cowboy Stories (2007) [From stampeding cattle to steadfast sheriffs, there is something irresistible about a good cowboy story. Cowboys are the quintessential American heroes and their exploits have inspired some of the greatest American writers to craft some of their finest work. In this roundup of the most thrilling, action-packed cowboy tales, you'll find adventure, courage, and suspense, and you'll sample the work of such masters as Louis L'Amour, O. Henry, Elmore Leonard, Annie Proulx, and Dorothy M. Johnson.]
8-12 Moss, Marissa Rose's Journal:The Story of a Girl in the Great Depression [Learn More: Prints and photographs]
Emma's Journal : The Story of a Colonial Girl
Rachel's Journal : The Story of a Pioneer Girl
7-11 Murphy, Claire Rudolf I Am Sacajawea, I Am York: Our Journey West With Lewis And Clark [The two lost voices of the Lewis and Clark expedition: York, Clark's slave, and Sacajawea, considered to be the property of Charbonneau, the group's translator. Both were essential to the trip's success.
Murphy, Jim An American Plague: The True and Terrifying Story of the Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1793
Boys War:Confederate and Union Soldiers Talk About the Civil War
The Great Fire [1996 Newbery Honor] The catastrophe that decimated much of Chicago in 1871, forcing more than 100,000 people from their homes. Jim Murphy tells the story through the eyes of several survivors. These characters serve as dramatic focal points as the fire sweeps across the city, their stories illuminated by fascinating archival photos and maps outlining the spread of fire.
Blizzard : The Storm That Changed America
The Real Benedict Arnold [the real man behind the "traitor" label, rumors, and folktales that became part of the Benedict Arnold legend. Drawing on Arnold's few surviving writings and on the letters, memoirs, and political documents of his contemporaries, Murphy builds a fascinating portrait of a brilliant man, consistently undervalued by his peers, who made a choice that continues to reverberate through American history. Dramatic accounts of crucial battles and political maneuvers round out this lively biography of a patriot who could have been a hero. "Notes, Sources, and Related Asides; bibliography; index."
A Savage Thunder: Antietam and the Bloody Road to Freedom (Ages 10-14) [Using archival photographs, maps, and numerous first-person accounts, Jim Murphy sweeps young readers into the chaos and confusion of battle-shoulder to shoulder with the generals and soldiers. The result is a gritty, utterly engaging look at the battle destined to change the US forever.]
TRUCE [On July 29th 1914, the world’s peace was shattered as the artillery of the Austria-Hungary Empire began shelling the troops of the country to its south. What followed was like a row of falling dominoes as one European country after another rushed into war. Soon most of Europe was fighting in this calamitous war that could have been avoided. This was, of course, the First World War. But who could have guessed that on December 25 the troops would openly defy their commanding officers by stopping the fighting and having a spontaneous celebration of Christmas with their "enemies"? In what can only be described as a Christmas Miracle, this beautiful and heartrending narrative will remind everyone how brotherhood and love for one another reaches far beyond war and politics.
The Crossing: How George Washington Saved The American Revolution [It is 1776, and George Washington and his army of rebellious American colonists are emboldened by its stunning victories over the British at Lexington and Concord. But now, the Americans face the threat of a brutal British retaliation. George Washington, who has little experience with a threat of this magnitude, is unanimously chosen as commander in chief in hopes he can unite the colonies. Britain's army is massive and well trained. America's is small and unruly. As the British begin their invasion of New York City and its environs, George Washington isn't the only one who is overcome with doubts that he can succeed against such overwhelming odds. This breathtaking account of a pivotal time in the American Revolution shows George Washington's transformation from a gentleman farmer with little military experience to a brilliant general, as he delivers the country from the blackest of times--into the brightest of futures.]
The Giant and How He Humbugged America [a riveting account of how the Cardiff Giant mystery snowballed into one of America’s biggest money-making spectacles--and scams--Jim Murphy masterfully explores the power of 19th-century media and the unexpected ripple effect that a single corrupt mastermind can produce when given a stage.] Ages 8 up (2012)
9 Up Murray, Stuart American Revolution (DK Eyewitness Books) (2005) [very informative as well as excellent visuals of period]
Myers, Laurie Lewis and Clark and Me [Classroom Resources included]
Myers, Walter Dean PATROL: An American Soldier in Vietnam [compelling read/picturebook for older students]
Fallen Angels - teen volunteer in Vietnam and the real horror of war. [Vietnam War Internet Project - electronic publication on the web of oral histories and memoirs
National Geographic Biographies: Gandhi: The Young Protester Who Founded A Nation (2005)
National Geographic Biographies: Mandela: The Rebel Who Led His Nation to Freedom (2005)
National Geographic Biographies: Hatshepsut: The Princess Who Became King (2005)
National Geographic Investigates: Ancient Egypt: Archaeology Unlocks the Secrets of Egypt's Past (2006)
National Geographic Investigates: Ancient Inca: Archaeology Unlocks the Secrets of the Inca's Past (2006)
National Geographic Investigates: Ancient Greece: Archaeology Unlocks the Secrets of Ancient Greece (2006)
National Geographic Biographies: Marie Curie: The Woman Who Changed the Course of Science

5-8 Napoli, Donna Jo The Crossing Lewis & Clark's historic journey seen through a brand-new pair of eyes [This lyrical picture book reveals the adventure and natural wonders that Lewis & Clark encountered on their Western expedition in the early 1800s. Told from the point of view of Jean Baptiste Charbonneau, the baby on Sacagawea's back, this story offers a fresh perspective of a young country and gives voice to a character readers will already be familiar with--at least visually (the baby is shown on the golden Sacagawea dollar).]
10-14 Nelson, Scott Reynolds Ain't Nothing but a Man: My Quest to Find the Real John Henry [Who was the real John Henry? The story of this legendary African-American figure has come down to us in so many songs, stories, and plays, that the facts are often lost. Historian Scott Nelson brings John Henry alive for young readers in his personal quest for the true story of the man behind the myth. Nelson presents the famous folk song as a mystery to be unraveled, identifying the embedded clues within the lyrics, which he examines to uncover many surprising truths. He investigates the legend and reveals the real John Henry in this beautifully illustrated book.]
10-14 Nicholson, Dorinda Makanaonalani Remember World War II: Kids Who Survived Tell Their Stories (National Geographic) (2005) [blackouts, bombings, hunger, fear, loss]
7-10 Noble, Trinka Hakes The Scarlet Stockings Spy [the smallest of citizens play important roles in the American Revolution using petticoats and stockings hanging on the line as code.] [Learn more about the American Revolution]
5-8 O'Brien, Patrick The Hindenburg [Video Footage] [Passengers, Crew, Theories]
5-8 O'Connor, Jane If the Walls Could Talk: Family Life at the White House
10 up Olson, Tod How to Get Rich in the California Gold Rush: An Adventurer's Guide to the Fabulous Riches Discovered in 1848 [follows the adventures of the charming, witty, fictitious Thomas Hartley as a way of offering a fascinating and fully historical portrait of life in the California gold fields. Archival imagery pairs with delightful and humorous artwork to produce a visual feast for the eyes. The inimitable Mr. Hartley’s guide is a unique snapshot of a key period in the economic development of our country—and a fun romp through time.]
11 Up Oppenheim, Joanne Dear Miss Bread: True Stories of the Japanese American Incarceration during World War II and a Librarian who Made a Difference
10 Up Panchyk, Richard World War II for Kids: A History with 21 Activities [Parent/Teacher support for activities]
7-11 Parker, Robert Andrew To Fly: The Story of the Wright Brothers [Lesson Plan] [Learn about the Wright Brothers] (Historical Fiction)
YA Partridge, Elizabeth Dogtag Summer [Twelve-year-old Tracy-or Tuyet-has always felt different. The villagers in Vietnam called her con-lai, or "half-breed," because her father was an American GI. And she doesn't fit in with her adoptive family in California, either. But when Tracy and a friend discover a soldier's dogtag hidden among her father's things, it sets her past and her present on a collision course. Where should her broken heart come to rest? In a time and place she remembers only in her dreams? Or among the people she now calls family? Sensitive portrayal of a girl and her family grappling with the complicated legacy of war.]
9-12 Patent, Dorothy Hinshaw Animals on the Trail with Lewis and Clark
Plants on the Trail with Lewis and Clark
The Buffalo and the Indians: A Shared Destiny
YA Up Paton, Bruce C., M.D. Lewis and Clark: Doctors in the Wilderness [non technical - explores the medical dilemmas of the expedition including malnuturition, gun shot wounds, epidemics...]
9-12 Peckham,Howard William Henry Harrison, Young Tippecanoe [Supplemental reading]
8-12 Pemberton, Delia Egyptian Mummies: People from the Past
[Learn More about Mummies]
[Egyptian Mummies Thinkquest] [Ancient Egypt Webquest]
9-12 Pobst, Sandy Voices from Colonial America: Virginia 1607-1776 (National Geographic 2005)
Peterson, Cris Birchbark Brigade: A Fur Trade History [A history of the North American fur trade, based on primary sources. The North American fur trade, set in motion by the discovery of the New World in the fifteenth century, was this continent’s biggest business for over three hundred years. Furs harvested by Ojibwa natives in the north woods ended up on the sleeves and hems of French princesses and Chinese emperors. Felt hats on the heads of every European businessman began as beaver pelts carried in birchbark canoes to trading posts dotting the wilderness. Iron tools, woolen blankets, and calico cloth manufactured in England found their way to wigwams along the remote rivers of North America. The fur trade influenced every aspect of life—from how Europeans related to the Indians, how and where settlements were built, to how our nation formed.] (Ages 9 and up)
8-12 Pringle, Laurence ICE!: The Amazing History of the Ice Business [ In the early 1800s, people began to harvest ice, store it in ways that limited melting, and transport it to homes and businesses. Eventually, almost everyone had an icebox, and a huge, vital ice business grew. In this riveting book, acclaimed writer Laurence Pringle describes the key inventions and ideas that helped the ice business flourish. He points to the many sources of ice throughout the East and Midwest and spotlights Rockland Lake, “the icebox of New York City,” to offer a close-up look at the ice business in action. Pringle worked closely with experts and relied on primary documents, including archival photographs, postcards, prints, and drawings, to capture the times when everyone waited for the ice man and his wagon to deliver those precious blocks of ice.]
9-13 Rappaport, Doreen Victory or Death!: Stories of the American Revolution [8 stories about diverse and unsung heroes of the American Revolution]
United No More!: Stories of the Civil War [puts you in the shoes of the Northerners and Southerners as they live out the great dramas of the war.]
Lady Liberty: A Biography [A powerfully moving, authentic portrait of the Statue of Liberty, told through the eyes of those who created her and illustrated in glorious detail.] Highly recommended.
Abe's Honest Words: The Life of Abraham Lincoln (Ages 8-12) [From the time he was a young boy, Abraham Lincoln knew in his heart that slavery was deeply wrong. A voracious reader, Lincoln spent every spare moment of his days filling his mind with knowledge, from history to literature to mathematics, preparing himself to one day lead the country he loved towards greater equality and prosperity. Despite the obstacles he faced as a self-educated man from the back woods, Lincoln persevered in his political career, and his compassion and honesty gradually earned him the trust of many Americans. As president, he guided the nation through a long and bitter civil war and penned the document that would lead to the end of slavery in the United States.} Highly recommended.
Jack's Path of Courage: The Life of John F. Kennedy [John F. Kennedy was a popular, charismatic president, beloved by many. But he didn't always believe he had the strength or courage for that office. As a child he was sickly and also overshadowed by his strong, capable, athletic older brother Joe. After Joe Jr.'s death John had to work hard to live up to his own expectations and to those of his father. He overcame pain and self-doubt to see the country through one of the most difficult crises in its history.] (Ages 5-8)
9-13 Rau, Margaret The Wells Fargo Book of the Gold Rush
[Learn More: Wells Fargo’s History Pages]
6-9 Ray, Deborah Kogan To Go Singing Through the World: The Childhood of Pablo Neruda - Pablo Neruda grew up in the rough and wild frontier town of Temuco, Chile. His father was a railroad man and not inclined to draw out the introspective boy. So the child found refuge in nature and in books. With the encouragement of Gabriela Mistral, an award-winning poet, teacher, and friend, Neruda’s writing grew resonant and powerful. At age sixteen he left Temuco for the university in Santiago and went on to become the “people’s poet” and to win the Nobel Prize in Literature. Includes excerpts from Neruda's poetry and prose.
9-12 Ray, Delia Behind the Blue and Gray: The Soldier's Life in the Civil War
A Nation Torn: The Story of How the Civil War Began (Young Readers' History of the Civil War)
Ghost Girl: A Blue Ridge Mountain Story [President Hoover's Mountain School/Skyline Drive/Depression/Blue Ridge Mountains]
12-15 Reef, Catherine Alone in the World: Orphans and Orphanages in America [true history of orphanages in the 18th and 19th centuries, revealing what it was like to eat, sleep, study, and play in such institutions, why children were sent to live there in the first place (not always because their parents were dead), what happened to them after they left, and more.]
Rinaldi, Ann
More in YA
Taking Liberty: The Story of Oney Judge, George Washington's Runaway Slave
Amelia's War [Civil War fiction]
The Coffin Quilt: The Feud Between the Hatfields and the McCoys
A Break with Charity: A Story about the Salem Witch Trials (historical fiction) [Salen Witch Trials Documentary Archives: maps, accused, accusers, households,legends,court and church records]
The Secret of Sarah Revere [Learn more about Paul Revere and his family]
The Color of Fire [1741 America as a British Colony at war with Spain/New York City/fear of Catholics/burnings that pale the Salem Witch Trials/drawn from actual occurance in American history.]
Juliet's Moon [A scandalous, little-known event in our Civil War history. War is turning Juliet Bradshaw's world upside down. Her brother, Seth, rides with William Quantrill's renegade Confederate army, but he's helpless when the Yankees arrest Juliet along with the wives and sisters of Quantrill's soldiers as spies. Imprisoned in a dilapidated old house in Kansas City, Juliet is one of a handful of survivors after the building collapses, killing most of the young girls inside.]
My Vicksburg [Claire Louise Corbett and her Confederate family flee their home as Union soldiers shell their town of Vicksburg, Mississippi. They venture out from the safety of a cave only three times a day. Although many of the townspeople suffer from a lack of food, the Corbetts receive extra rations from Claire Louise's brother, Landon, a doctor with the Union army. When Claire Louise discovers her brother tending to a Confederate soldier who is responsible for Robert E. Lee's "lost order" (causing the South to lose the Battle of Antietam), she is forced to make a difficult choice between family and friends.] Historical Fiction. Ages 12 up.
9 Up Rob, Don This Is America: The American Spirit in Places and People [Foundation of America: Hard work, free enterprise, pioneer spirit, rule of law, legal rights.../from patriots to immigrants seeking freedom to inventors and entrepreneurs who show the power of a dream]
YA Robertson, James I., Jr. Robert E. Lee: Virginian Soldier, American Citizen (November 2005) [includes source notes, quotes and a bibliography]
Standing Like a Stone Wall: The Life of General Thomas J. Jackson [Learn more about the American Civil War]
9-11 Robinet, Harriette G. Missing From Haymarket Square [The Haymarket Riot of 1886 in Chicago, Unions-8 hour work day]
6-9 Rockwell, Anne Big George: How a Shy Boy Became President Washington [Portrays George Washington as a shy boy who wasn't afraid of anything except talking to people, but who grew up to lead an army against the British and serve as president of the new nation.]
Roop, Peter and Connie Louisiana Purchase [Lesson Plan and Activities]
River Roads West: America's First Highways [journey on and over and down and around the Hudson, the Ohio, the Mississippi, the Missouri, the Rio Grande, the Colorado, and the Columbia rivers.]
12+ Ross, Stewart Into the Unknown: How Great Explorers Found Their Way by Land, Sea, and Air [Open this dynamic book and discover how the greatest explorers in history — from Marco Polo to Neil Armstrong — plunged into the unknown and boldly pieced together the picture of the world we have today. With the help of masterful cross sections, dramatic storytelling, and sidebars that highlight key concepts, places, and technology, immerse yourself in such expeditions as:—Leif Eriksson’s voyage to North America (eleventh century)—Zheng He’s travels from China to East Africa (fifteenth century)—Magellan’s circumnavigation of the globe (sixteenth century)—Tenzing Norgay’s and Edmund Hillary’s scaling of Mt. Everest (twentieth century)—Plus ten more exciting journeys!] Excellent curriculum resource.
9 up Rubel, David Encyclopedia Of The Presidents And Their Times [Documents the tenure of each of the American presidents. It also includes information about the headlines, people, and fads that were defining America during each presidency. It is an easy-to-use resource that reflects events through the election of the next president in the 2004 election. Each profile includes a fact box that lists the president's birthday, birthplace, vice president, wife, children, and nickname. It also lists the president's full name and years he was in office.]
8-11 Rubin, Susan Goldman The Flag With Fifty-Six Stars: A Gift from the Survivors of Mauthausen [inspiring account of the liberation of one of the Third Reich's most infamous camps]
8-12 Samuels, Charlie AMERICA: The Making of a Nation [Revealed through the lens of an anonymous journal, readers will take a chronological journey through watershed moments of American History. From the Founding Fathers' signing of the Declaration of Independence through current events of the 21st century, AMERICA offers an in-depth look at the making of our nation in an accessible volume that will speak to readers of every age. Chockfull of innovative novelty components, including lift-the-flap postcards, removable song lyrics, and even a foldout replica of the Declaration of Independence.]
7-11 Sandin, Joan Coyote School News [based on actual collection of newspapers written by students of Arizona ranch-country schools between 1932 and 1948/Mexican-American]
8 Up Sandler, Martin W. Civil War: A Library of Congress Book [2001]
Vaqueros: America's First Cowmen [Hispanic cowboy-in U.S]
Inventors: A Library of Congress Book
Presidents: A Library of Congress Book [Activities]
Lincoln Through the Lens: How Photography Revealed and Shaped an Extraordinary Life [More than one hundred images of Lincoln’s life and times provide a complete portrait of this revered president and the events that defined him. From the only confirmed existing picture of Lincoln before the historic Gettysburg Address to his second inauguration—where he is unknowingly surrounded by John Wilkes Booth and his coconspirators—to the execution of his murderers, this eye-opening, inspiring visual journey provides a fresh take on one of the most documented and beloved figures in American history.]
Dust Bowl Through the Lens : How Photography Revealed and Helped Remedy a National Disaster (Ages 10-14) [The Dust Bowl was a time of hardship and disaster. The worst ecological disaster in our nation’s history turned more than 100 million acres of fertile land almost completely to dust. Hundreds of thousands of people were forced to seek new homes and opportunities thousands of miles away, while millions more chose to stay and battle nature to save their land. These terrible repercussions from the Dust Bowl contributed to the Great Depression, which impacted the entire country. FDR’s New Deal army of photographers took to the roads during this national crisis to document the human struggle of the proud people of the plains.] Should be in every library.
Kennedy Through the Lens: How Photography and Television Revealed and Shaped an Extraordinary Leader (Ages 12 and up) [Provides insight into how JFK used the new medium of television and the advances in color photography to further his ambitious agenda. Sandler's extensive research at the Kennedy Library sheds light on key events in Kennedy's lifetime that combine to provide an intimate portrait of the man as a brother, a father, an activist, and a president. Out in time for the 50th anniversary of Kennedy's inauguration, this will be an essential addition to any Kennedy collection.]
9-12 Schaaf, Martha Lew Wallace: Boy Writer [Author of Ben-Hur, inventor and Civil War General] [Wallace bio]
9 Up
Schanzer, Rosalyn George vs. George: The Revolutionary War as Seen by Both Sides [Two enemies: George Washington and George III of Britian/Two Georges-two sides of the story]
How Ben Franklin Stole the Lightning   [Indoor Lightning Activity-Grade 6] [Weather Lesson Plan K-5]
John Smith Escapes Again! [Smith's story included a series of fantastic episodes: escape from imprisonment, ambush by Indians, attacks by ruthless sea pirates, and more escapades than seem possible in one life.]
8 up Schatz, Dennis World of Inventors: Thomas Edison [Discover why Thomas Edison is one of the greatest inventors of all time. Through historical images, interesting stories, and full-color illustrations, Edison's world comes to life. Learn about his work and most famous inventions: the phonograph, electric lighting, movie projectors, and more. Build your own animation machine (included).
10 up Schlitz, Laura Amy Good Masters! Sweet Ladies!: Voices from a Medieval Village [Step back to an English village in 1255, where life plays out in dramatic vignettes illuminating twenty-two unforgettable characters. This witty, historically accurate, and utterly human collection forms an exquisite bridge to the people and places of medieval England.]
11-14 Seiple, Samantha Ghosts in the Fog: The Untold Story of Alaska's WWII Invasion Who Knew?! Ths is the first narrative nonfiction book for young adults to tell the riveting story of how the Japanese invaded and occupied the Aleutian Islands in Alaska during World War II. This fascinating little-known piece of American history is told from the point of view of the American civilians who were captured and taken prisoner, along with the American and Japanese soldiers who fought in one of the bloodiest battles of hand-to-hand combat during the war. Complete with more than 80 photographs throughout and first person accounts of this extraordinary event.
6-10 Sewall, Marcia James Towne: Struggle for Survival
8-12 Shea, Pegi Deitz Noah Webster: Weaver of Words [nonfiction picture book about one of the most important patriots in post-Revolutionary times. Most readers know him for his dictionary masterpieces, and his promotion of a living “American Language,” that embraces words and idioms from all its immigrant peoples. But he was also the driving force behind universal education for all citizens, including slaves, females and adult learners. Speaker of 20 languages, he developed the new country’s curriculum, writing and publishing American literature, American history, American geography, etc. He published New York City’s first daily newspaper. As editor, Webster conducted a study and linked disease with poor sanitation. Major East Coast cities can also thank him for their plumbing, drainage and sanitation systems! A lawyer and abolitionist, he created the country’s first insurance company, established America’s first copyright law, and became America’s first multi-million best selling author.]
9-13 Sheinkin, Steve King George: What Was His Problem?: Everything Your Schoolbooks Didn't Tell You About the American Revolution [This book is utterly interesting, antedotes (John Hancock fixates on salmon), from the inside out (at the Battle of Eutaw Springs, hundreds of soldiers plunged into battle “naked as they were born”) close-up narrative filled with little-known details, lots of quotes that capture the spirit and voices of the principals (“If need be, I will raise one thousand men, subsist them at my own expense, and march myself at their head for the relief of Boston” -- George Washington), and action, It’s the story of the birth of our nation, complete with soldiers, spies, salmon sandwiches, and real facts you can’t help but want to tell to everyone you know.] Recommend for every school and library
Which Way to the Wild West?: Everything Your Schoolbooks Didn't Tell You About Westward Expansion (Ages 10-14) [History--with the good bits put back. Discover the drama, discoveries, dirty deeds and derring-do that won the American West. E.g. 1805: William Clark reaches the Pacific Coast/1838:Santa Anna and the Alamo/1846: The Donner Family/1861: Transcontinental RR.].
7-10 Silvey, Anita Henry Knox: Bookseller, Soldier, Patriot [His fascination with warfare and strategy and his support of the Patriot cause prepared him to do what no one else thought was possible: transport heavy artillery from Fort Ticonderoga, up and down snow-covered hills and across frozen lakes, to relieve the siege of Boston. The dramatic story of his achievements is all the more satisfying for being absolutely true, a little-known episode in the history of the American Revolution. Source notes, time line, bibliography, map. American Revolution.]
9 up Smith, David J. If America Were a Village: A Book about the People of the United States [America, with all its diversity, is not easily defined. This book takes a snapshot - past, present and future - to help define America for children and shrinks down America to a village of 100. The metaphor helps children easily understand American ethnic origins, religions, family profiles, occupations, wealth, belongings and more. Who are the people living in this vast and varied nation? Where did they come from? What are they like today? How do they compare with people in other countries? The book's simple statistical analysis provides a new way of learning about where people live in America, the state of their health, the shapes and sizes of families, what they use and more - forming a concise picture of a country.]
8-10 Sneve, Virginia Driving Hawk Bad River Boys: A Meeting of the Lakota Sioux with Lewis and Clark
8-12 Sommer, Shelley John F. Kennedy: His Life and Legacy [boy, a young man, a war hero, a politician, a husband, a father, and finally a president.]
7-10 Soto, Gary Cesar Chavez: A Hero for Everyone [migrant workers] [Cesar Chavez Foundation]
7-10 Spradlin, Michael P. Off Like the Wind!: The First Ride of the Pony Express [Follow the heroic Pony Express riders (1860-1861)as they travel from Missouri to California and back again across the American West! Through dry desert heat, to freezing mountain blizzards, amidst a harrowing buffalo stampede and with hungry wolves on their trails.] Author's notes and time line.
8-12 St. George, Judith So You Want to Be President? [Lesson Plan Grades 4-6]
4 up Standbridge, Joanne The Extraordinary Music of Mr. Ives: The True Story of a Famous American Composer [When the Lusitania was attacked in 1915, the American composer and New Yorker Charles Ives transformed the experience of this heartbreaking news into a musical piece. It begins with a jumble of traffic noises, then the hurdy-gurdy swells into the lovely old hymn “In the Sweet Bye-and-Bye.” In lyrical text and watercolors—sometimes in dramatic wordless spreads—this thoughtful picture book reveals not only a wartime tragedy, but a composer’s conviction that everyday music can convey profound emotion—and help heal a city. Young readers will understand that if they listen, music can be heard in the unlikeliest of places, from the busy chatter of a market to the wail of a fire engine.]
7 Up
Stanley, Diane Good Queen Bess: The Story of Elizabeth I of England  [Quiz and links]
Roughing It on the Oregon Trail: The Time-Traveling Twins [PBS Teacher Resources]
Joining the Boston Tea Party: The Time-Traveling Twins   [Eyewitness Account]   [Boston in the Classroom - compositions by 5th graders]
8-11 Stanley, George E. Teddy Kennedy: Lion of the Senate [Teddy Kennedy was a United States senator who served in the U.S. Senate for forty-six years. Like the rest of the Kennedy family, Teddy was considered American royalty. But before he became the legend we know him to be, he was just a kid living in the shadow of his brothers' success, hoping to someday live up to the Kennedy name. Ted Kennedy overcame the odds and left behind one of the most impressive legacies in American history!
Steele, Philip The Best Book of Mummies [Introduction to Mummies from cleaning the body to wrapping and contents of tomb/fresh looking introduction to mummies]
Marie Curie: The Woman Who Changed the Course of Science [Marie Curie was the first person to receive two Nobel Prizes for science, and her work still influences our understanding of physics, medicine, and chemistry.]
World History Biographies: Isaac Newton: The Scientist Who Changed Everything [This vibrant biography profiles the famed physicist as an acclaimed mathematician, astronomer, alchemist, philosopher, and inventor as well.]
10 Up Stefoff, Rebecca American Voices from the Opening of the West [part of the American Voices Series that explores American History through the voices of the people who lived it.
YA Stolley, Richard B.  Life: Our Century in Pictures for Young People [2000]
12 up Stokes, John A. Students on Strike: Jim Crow, Civil Rights, Brown, and Me A Memoir [John Stokes has waited more than 50 years to give his eyewitness account of "The Manhattan Project." This was the name he and a group of fellow students gave their strike at R.R. Moton High School that helped to end separate schooling for blacks and whites, not only in his home state of Virginia, but throughout America. Told in Stokes’ own words, the story vividly conveys how his passion for learning helped set in motion one of the most powerful movements in American history, resulting in the desegregation of schools—and life—in the United States.]
8-12 Sullivan, George Lewis and Clark: In Their Own Words [Sacagawea]
Paul Revere: In Their Own Words
Abraham Lincoln: In Their Own Words
Helen Keller: In Their Own Words
Tom Thumb: The Remarkable True Story of a Man in Miniature Ages 10-14
6-10 Swain, Ruth Freeman How Sweet It is (and Was): The History of Candy [from Native Americans to Vassar College/old and new/terrific timeline and fun learning]
Underwear: What We Wear Under There (Ages 7-10) [Underwear. It can be practical, it can be lucky, it can be just plain bizarre. And just one mention of the word can make you giggle or blush. But if you really want to laugh out loud, take a step back in time and check out what people in past centuries used to cover up "down there." Women in the 18th century wore underwear that made their hips look six feet wide! In the 19th century you could buy underwear that opened and closed in the back]
12 up Swanson, James L. Chasing Lincolns Killer: The Search for John Wilkes Booth by James L. Swanson ["This story is true. All the characters are real and were alive during the great manhunt of April 1865. Their words are authentic and come from original sources: letters, manuscripts, trial transcripts, newspapers, government reports, pamphlets, books and other documents. What happened in Washington, D.C., that spring, and in the swamps and rivers, forests and fields of Maryland and Virginia during the next twelve days, is far too incredible to have been made up." So begins this fast-paced thriller that tells the story of the pursuit and capture of John Wilkes Booth and gives a day-by-day account of the wild chase to find this killer and his accomplices.]
4 Up Swift, Hildegarde H. The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge [George Washington Bridge on the Hudson River]
10-14 Tanaka, Shelley The Alamo: Surrounded and Outnumbered, They Chose to Make a Defiant Last Stand (Day That Changed America)
Gettysburg: The Legendary Battle and the Address That Inspired a Nation (Day That Changed America)
A Day That Changed America: Earthquake! [The San Francisco Earthquake of 1906]
9-12 Teitelbaum, Michael Voices from Colonial America: Texas 1527-1836
Time for Kids: Biographies Jackie Robinson: Strong Inside and Out (#42 Makes Baseball History(2005)
Time for Kids: Biographies Harriet Tubman: A Woman of Courage (Secret Messages in Quilts) (2005)
Time for Kids: Biographies Time For Kids: Theodore Roosevelt: The Adventurous President (Teddy Bear)(2005)
Time for Kids: Biographies Time For Kids: John F. Kennedy: The Making of a Leader (2005)
Time for Kids: Presidents of the United States (2006) [presidential and campaign history/homework help]
Time for Kids: Biographies Alexander Graham Bell: Inventor of the Telephone
Time For Kids: Rosa Parks: Civil Rights Pioneer (2006)
10-14 Tomecek, Stephen M. What a Great Idea! Inventions That Changed The World [Essays on five broad time periods: Ancient to Present]
9-12 Trumbauer, Lisa Voices from Colonial America: Pennsylvania 1643-1776 (National Geographic)
9-12 Tunnell, Michael O. Candy Bomber: The Story of the Berlin Airlift's "Chocolate Pilot" [A true story of chocolate, bubble gum, and hope. After World War II the United States and Britain airlifted food and supplies into Russian-blockaded West Berlin. US Air Force Lieutenant Gail S. Halvorsen knew the children of the city were suffering. To lift their spirits, he began dropping chocolate and gum by parachute. Back matter includes a biographical note, a historical note, a source list, an index, and a note from the author.]
6-9 Turner, Ann Abe Lincoln Remembers [Links for Lincoln]
Drummer Boy : Marching to the Civil War
9 up Turner, Tracey Dreadful Fates: What a Shocking Way to Go! [Collection of stories about bizarre, ridiculous and completely unexpected fates. A book all about death that gets funnier with every page. There's even a chapter about people who laughed themselves into the grave! You can also read about unusual funerals and curious coffins, murders and executions, fatal mistakes and ironic fates. Gross and Funny. Perfect for reluctant readers! ]
9 Up Waldman, Neil Wounded Knee (Massacre of the Lakota Sioux 1890)
[Learn More: Tribute to the Oglala Lakota Sioux, their history, culture, and leaders]
7-10 Van Steenwyk, Elizabeth First Dog Fala [In 1940, Fala came to live with President Franklin D. Roosevelt in the White House. He attended important meetings with the president s advisors. At night, the president and Fala often dined together. During WWII Fala stayed up late into the night with President Roosevelt. He accompanied the president on journeys across the country and around the world and waited with him for the return of American servicemen and the end to a terrible war. Nothing like a pet to introduce kids to history.]
10 Up Walker, Paul Robert Remember Little Bighorn: Indians, Soldiers, and Scouts Tell Their Stories
Remember the Alamo: Texians, Tejanos, and Mexicans Tell Their Stories
10 Up Warren, Andrea Surviving Hitler: A Boy in the Nazi Death Camps
9-12 Wilkinson, Philip World History Biographies: Joan of Arc: The Teenager Who Saved her Nation [Around 1412, a baby girl was born in the village of Domremy who would change France forever. A farmer's daughter, she seemed destined for an unremarkable life. But as the dramatic narrative of this World History Biography reveals, Joan’s life was anything but ordinary. By the age of 13, she knew her destiny—to drive the English invaders from France. By 17, she had led an army to victory at Orleans. Captured in battle, and too poor to be ransomed, Joan was burned at the stake before her 20th birthday.]
8-10 Williams, Marcia Hooray For Inventors [printing press, the steam condenser, the steam train, the electric light, and more. Comic book style.
10-14 Wilson, John The Flags of War (2004) [Civil War]
Battle Scars (2005) Sequel
7-10 Wilson, Laura How I Survived the Irish Famine: The Journal of Mary O'Flynn
6-9 Winter, Jonah STEEL TOWN [In Steel Town, the mills blaze all day and all night, making steel and even more steel to be shipped over the Magic Mountains, down the Pitch-Black River, and far, far away. The men who work in the mills work as hard as the machines that make the steel, never stopping. But when the men go home at night, a different side of Steel Town emerges -- one filled with music and neighbors, pierogies and spaghetti, churches and front porches.This is a portrait of an imaginary town (Pittsburgh) derived from the very real American steel towns of the 1930s, when the sky was often black as night all day and the cavernous mills belched out fire and smoke. Here is a journey to a town that time has not forgotten, just misplaced: Steel Town.] Highly recommend for every school and library
9-12 Wishinsky, Frieda DK Biography Albert Einstein: A Photographic Story of a Life
10 Up Wisler, G. Clifton When Johnny Went Marching: Young Americans Fight The Civil War
9 Up Wojtanik, Andrew Afghanistan to Zimbabwe: Country Facts That Helped Me Win the Nationa Geographic Bee
12 Up Wolf, Allan New Found Land: Lewis & Clark's Voyage of Discovery (Novel) Allan Wolf tells the story of this extraordinary voyage through the eyes of not only the famed pair but also several members of their self-named Corps of Discovery. Here, in powerful, lyrical language, is a medley of voices from a surprisingly diverse crew — from the one-eyed French Indian fiddler who pilots the boats to Clark's African American slave; from the young Shoshone woman who has a baby en route to Lewis's Newfoundland dog, a "seer" whose narrative resonates long after the book is closed.
7-10 Wood, Douglas Franklin and Winston: A Christmas That Changed the World [At the height of World War II, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Prime Minister Winston Churchill held an extraordinary month-long visit, during which they planned the success of the Allied powers and strategized a continuing peace for when the war ended. Moving from witty banter to gravely serious discussions— amid a traditional public celebration of the Christmas holiday— the two cemented a unique bond as they decided how to confront a menace that threatened all of civilization. Now, on the seventieth anniversary of this event, thanks to the skillful work of author Douglas Wood and illustrator Barry Moser, the story of this remarkable time can be shared with a whole new generation. ]
9 -12 Worth, Richard Voices from Colonial America: Louisiana 1682-1803 (National Geographic)
10 Up Yes Mag Editors Fantastic Feats And Failures [Space Shuttle Challenger/first all-glass building inspired by a water lily, fatal design flaw of hotel's hanging walkway, Panama Canal, Includes bridge and dome projects and lots more.]
4-8 Yezerski, Thomas F. A Full Hand [In the 19th century, canals were built to transport Pennsylvania coal to the harbors of New York City and New Jersey to fuel the industrial furnaces and heat the houses of the growing cities. The barges loaded with coal were pulled by mules on land that followed dirt walkways or towpaths next to the canal. By 1900 trains had taken the place of the canals.] [Learn about The Morris Canal]
6-8 Yolen, Jane Naming Liberty [Fact and fiction: The true story concerns Frederic Auguste Bartholdi and the creation of the Statue of Liberty. The other is the fictional story of a young Russian Jewish girl whose family decides to emigrate to the US.
Johnny Appleseed: The Legend and the Truth [Everyone knows the legend of Johnny Appleseed, the man from Massachusetts who planted apple trees all the way to California. But the true story of Johnny Appleseed, or John Chapman, is even greater than the legend. Here's the whole story of an individual who forever changed the landscape of America. (8 and up)
7-10 Yolen, Jane and H.E. Yolen Stemple Roanoke: The Lost Colony—--An Unsolved Mystery from History [1587 Virginia/ John White/ Sir Walter Raleigh / colony at Roanoke Croation] [Teacher Resource Links]
10 Up Yorinks, Adrienne [Interview] Quilt of States: Piecing Together America - uses innovative illustrations, first-person accounts and intriguing details that appeal to a child's imagination to make history come alive. The combination of handmade quilts, accompanied by the voice of each state expressed by one of its librarians, reveals the coming together of the United States in Quilt of States: Piecing Together America. This brilliant and beautiful book is organized in order of the dates of statehood, beginning with our oldest state, Delaware, and ending with our newest, Hawaii. Each double-page spread shows things for which the state is known. Five feature spreads show the political geography of America at various time periods, such as the Missouri Compromise or the Louisiana Purchase. Quilt illustration is a particularly fitting way to tell the story of how each state was incorporated because quilting is one of two art forms that is uniquely American (jazz is the other) and because the United States came together much the way a quilt does - piece by piece.
5 and up Zimmerman, Karl The Stourbridge Lion: America's First Locomotive (Ages 5 and up) [On August 8, 1829, a small town in northeastern Pennsylvania witnessed something never seen before in America: the first locomotive to run on commercial rails. The engine was named the Stourbridge Lion. The iron contraption chugged down the track, belching steam, to the sound of cheers and booming cannon. This concise and lively history follows the Stourbridge Lion’s journey from Stourbridge, England, where it was built, to Honesdale, Pennsylvania, where it made its historic run, marking the dawn of American railroading. Here is the story of the real little engine that could.]
11-14 Zindel, Paul The Gadget [Use an introduction for atomic bomb/Los Alamos]
[Julius Robert Oppenheimer]

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